Social Science Courses

All FMS majors must take at least one of these social science courses. Not all of the courses listed below are offered each semester, and there may be new FMS courses that are not yet listed below. To see which courses are currently being offered and what requirements they fulfill, see our current course catalog.

FMS 51: Cultures of Computing (cross-listed as ANTH 136)

FMS 52: Children and Mass Media (cross-listed as CSHD 167)

FMS 53: Media and Society

FMS 55: Media Literacy

FMS 56: Anthropology of Journalism (cross-listed as ANTH 133)

FMS 57: Media of the Middle East (cross-listed as ANTH 144, ILVS 144)

FMS 59: Visual Anthropology (cross-listed as ANTH 0135)

FMS 94: Social Media: Potential, Promise and Problems (cross-listed as CSHD 143)

FMS 161: Seminar in Mass Media Studies: Digital Hate (cross-listed as SOC 185)

FMS 162: Media, the State, and the Senses (cross-listed as ANTH 164)

FMS 163: New Media, New Politics (cross-listed as PS 104)

FMS 164: Seminar in Children and the Mass Media (cross-listed as CD 267)