Theory Courses

All FMS majors must take at least one of these theory courses. Not all of the courses listed below are offered each semester, and there may be new FMS courses that are not yet listed below. To see which courses are currently being offered and what requirements they fulfill, see our current course catalog.

FMS 40: Beyond McLuhan: Media Theory for the 21st Century

FMS 54: Introduction to Media Culture and Theory (cross-listed as DR 94)

FMS 59: Visual Anthropology (cross-listed as ANTH 135)

FMS 66: Philosophy and Film (cross-listed as PHIL 54)

FMS 87: Postmodernism and Film (cross-listed as ENG 81)

FMS 94: Intro to Film Theory (cross-listed as ILVS 92)

FMS 94: Media Ethics

FMS 165: Television in the Age of Change (cross-listed as ILVS 72 / TPS 121)

FMS 176: The Horror Film

FMS 180: Psychoanalysis and Cinema (cross-listed as ENG 180)

FMS 186: How Films Think (cross-listed as ENG 186)

FMS 194: Israeli Cinema and TV in a Regional and Global Context (cross-listed as TPS 194, ILVS 91, JS 92)