Upper-Level Courses

All FMS majors must take at least one of these upper-level courses. Not all of the courses listed below are offered each semester, and there may be new FMS courses that are not yet listed below. To see which courses are currently being offered and what requirements they fulfill, see our current course catalog.

FMS 134: Screenwriting III (cross-listed as TPS 178)

FMS 136: Directing for Film (cross-listed as TPS 150)

FMS 138: Advanced Filmmaking (cross-listed as EXP 101)

FMS 161: Seminar In Mass Media Studies: Digital Hate (cross-listed as SOC 185)

FMS 162: Media, the State, & the Senses (cross-listed as ANTH 164)

FMS 163: Seminar: New Media, New Politics (cross-listed as PS 104)

FMS 164: Children and the Mass Media (cross-listed as CD 267)

FMS 165: Television in the Age of Change (cross-listed as ILVS 72 / TPS 121)

FMS 169: Latin American Cinema (cross-listed with FAH 184)

FMS 175: Visualizing Colonialism (cross-listed as ARB 155 and ILVS 155)

FMS 176: The Horror Film

FMS 177: Religion and Film (cross-listed as REL 100)

FMS 178: War & Cultural Memory in Literature and Cinema of Middle East (cross-listed as ARB 157, ILVS 157)

FMS 179: Film and the Avant-Garde

FMS 180: Psychoanalysis and Cinema (cross-listed as ENG 180)

FMS 181: New Latin American Film (cross-listed as SPN 151)

FMS 186: How Films Think (cross-listed as ENG 186-01)

FMS 194: The Audio-Visual Imagination (cross-listed as MUS 197)

FMS 194: Dark Places: Sound and Music in SciFi and Noir (cross-listed as MUS 197)

FMS 194: Film Representation in Latin America (cross-listed as SPN 191; taught in Spanish)

FMS 194: Literature and Film of Post-Civil War Spain (cross-listed as SPN 192.01)

FMS 194: Media Fallout: The Powers and Perils of Communication (cross-listed as ANTH 149)

FMS 194: Mexican Cinema and Identity (cross-listed as SPN 192-C)

FMS 194: Seminar: Hayao Miyazaki (cross-listed as JPN 191)

FMS 194: Video Game Music (cross-listed as MUS 151)

FMS 194: Seminar in English: Political Cinema (cross-listed as ENG 191-03)