Recent Faculty Work

Below are some highlights of faculty work.

Origins of the Species

Origins of the Species

Produced by Jennifer Burton, Origin of the Species is a film about ethics, tech, and robotics, and envisioning the future of AI regarding its impact on our relationships, desire, and humanity itself.

Old Guy series

Old Guy

Old Guy is a five-episode comedy series from Five Sisters Productions, starring Roger Burton (Fargo, Shameless, Baskets) and Peri Gilpin (Frasier).

Where the Pavement Ends scene of man on a bike

Where the Pavement Ends

The long history of racism in Ferguson, Missouri, frames Where the Pavement Ends, an experimental documentary by Tufts filmmakers Khary Jones and Jane Gillooly.

Palmetto tree in Myrtle Beach


Palmetto, a landscape-driven single-channel video piece, considers the tourist community of Myrtle Beach.

The Wayside

The Wayside

The Wayside is a short film directed by Film and Media Studies professor Jennifer Burton with help from students in her Advanced Production Seminar.

A scene from the Ascendants film


Ascendants is a multi-format science fiction endeavor created by Don Schechter that includes the short film series The Ascendants Anthology, a pilot for a television series, and an upcoming novel.

Play Time book written by Malcolm Turvey

Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism

Play Time: Jacques Tati and Comedic Modernism, written by Malcolm Turvey, was recently published by Columbia University Press. Malcolm Turvey is Sol Gittleman Professor in the Art and Art History Department at Tufts University and teaches a variety of FMS classes, including Global History of Cinema and The Horror Film. He is an editor of the journal October. His other books include Doubting Vision: Film and the Revelationist Tradition (2008) and The Filming of Modern Life: European Avant-Garde Film of the 1920s (2011).

After Emily: Two Remarkable Women and the Legacy of America's Greatest Poet

After Emily: Two Remarkable Women and the Legacy of America's Greatest Poet

After Emily: Two Remarkable Women and the Legacy of America's Greatest Poet (W.W. Norton & Co, 2018), published by Julie Dobrow is the untold tale of the woman who introduced Emily Dickinson to the world. Julie is Director, of Center for Interdisciplinary Studies; Senior Fellow, Tisch College of Civic Life; and Lecturer, Department of Public Health & Community Medicine, Tufts School of Medicine. Julie teaches several media classes including Children in Mass Media and Media Literacy.