Recent Student Films

Below are examples of recent student films. 

Student film title film called "Boiling Point"

Boiling Point

Boiling Point is a series of interconnected vignettes documenting struggles adapting to life during the pandemic. James Boots-Ebenfield, Claire Fraise, Tyler Markovich, Conor Moriarty, William Porter, and JJ Stewart created this film in the class FMS 0094 From Script to Screen in Fall 2020.

Title of a student film called "Hesh's of the Afternoon"

Hesh's of the Afternoon

Hesh’s of the Afternoon, a film by Eli Beutel, won 1st place in the Tufts FMS COVID-eo Film Festival and Competition in Fall 2020. 

Student film called "Miss You Too" featuring a bedroom scene

Miss You Too

Miss You Too, a film by Rosa Stern Pait, won 2nd place in the Tufts FMS COVID-eo Film Festival and Competition in Fall 2020. 

Person washing dishes

Rinse and Repeat

Jacob Ehrlich (A20), writer, director, editor. An immigrant restaurant worker, Tomás, shares his plan to transport his family across the border with a wealthy college student, Jonah, yet the plan is complicated by Tomás’ drug-addicted and abusive roommate, Julio.

Actor featured in student film called "A Buzz that Lasts"

A Buzz That Lasts

Allissa Chan, '19 created this film for her Senior Honors Thesis project. A Buzz That Lasts offers a glimpse into the lives of two individuals who discovered a haven for members of the LGBTQ+ community in Salem, Massachusetts.

A Dolt's Life filmed outside

A Dolt's Life

Josh Gitta, '18, and Jacob Ehrlich, '20, created this film in Advanced Filmmaking in 2018. A Dolt's Life is a three-episode comedy web series in which Josh moves in with his best friend from high school, Sam, and together they are forced to navigate the adult world.