Research/Areas of Interest: British History, race & racism, modern Imperialism & Colonialism, Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean World


  • PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, United States, 2020
  • MA, Northeastern University, Boston, United States, 2018
  • BPhil, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States, 2013


Dr. Matthew Bowser is an interdisciplinary world-historian, focusing on the intersections of race, nationalism, capitalism, and empire in the twentieth century. His specialization is on race in the British Empire, specifically in South/Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean worlds. He received his PhD in Modern World History from Northeastern University in May 2020. Previously, he attended the University of Pittsburgh for a 2013 BPhil in History and Classics and Northeastern for a 2018 MA in World History. This summer he completed his first book, Our Land, Our Earth, Our Burmese Race: The Racialization of Burmese Society, 1930-1948, which is currently under review at Cambridge University Press. He has also published several articles on his research in top-tier journals, including "Partners in Empire? Co-Colonialism and the Rise of Anti-Indian Nationalism in Burma, 1930-1938" in the Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History and "'Buddhism Has Been Insulted, Take Immediate Steps:' Burmese Fascism and the Origins of Burmese Islamophobia, 1936-1938" in the Journal of Modern Asian Studies. Dr. Bowser is currently a lecturer at Tufts University and at Northeastern University. At Tufts, he has taught "Britain and the British Empire" in the fall semesters of 2020 and 2021, and "British Empire and American Nation" in the spring of 2021.