Graduate Programs

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences' interdisciplinary programs allow students to explore studies outside of and beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Anti-Racist Curatorial Practice

The Certificate in Anti-Racist Curatorial Practice is designed to help art museum professionals develop an anti-discriminatory work ethic in order to better support communities of people who are consistently harmed by systems of oppression.

Cognitive Science

The PhD in Cognitive Sciences offers a joint degree in Cognitive Science and one of its four host disciplines: Psychology, Computer Science, Child Study and Human Development, and Education.

Data Analytics

Tufts offers both a certificate and a master’s program in Data Analytics in which students learn the skills needed to gather, interpret, and guide data-driven decisions.

Diversity and Inclusion Leadership

Tufts offers both a certificate and a master’s program in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership, which are designed to give students concepts and important tools to advance positive change in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Interdisciplinary Doctorate

This Doctoral Program is designed for those interested in pursuing doctoral level studies in areas that cannot be accommodated in one of the departmental doctoral programs within the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering.

Program and Organizational Evaluation

This certificate provides students with a professional competitive edge in developing evaluation and analytical skills for managing programs, and translating data into relevant insights and practical solutions.