Megan Gately, PhD '21
Year of Matriculation: 2017
Primary Advisor: Linda Tickle-Degnen, Department of Occupational Therapy
Dissertation Title: Telehealth care and dementia
Current Position: United States Department of Veterans Affairs - GRECC - Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center

Laia Mogas-Soldevilla, PhD '20
Year of Matriculation: 2016
Primary Advisor: Fiorenzo Omenetto, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Dissertation Title: "Reviving Matter: New Design Companions in the Science of Life"
Current Position: Asst. Prof., Architecture, University of Pennsylvania

Elijah Wald, PhD '15
Year of Matriculation: 2011
Primary Advisor: Susan Ernst and Debra Pacini, Department of Anthropology
Dissertation Title: "Reinventing Ranchera: Music, Language, and Identity in the Southwest"
Current Position: Folk blues guitarist and music historian

Stephanie Gottwald, PhD '14
Year of Matriculation: 2008
Primary Advisor: Maryanne Wolf, Department of Child Study and Human Development
Dissertation Title: "The Struggle to Express Themselves: An Examination of the Relationship of Syntax to Text Reading and Comprehension"
Current Position: Co-Founder and Director of Content, Curious Learning

Paul Lehrman, PhD '10
Year of Matriculation: 2006
Primary Advisor: John McDonald, Department of Music
Dissertation Title: Music, Technology & Art History "The History and Technology of Ballet Mecanique"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Music, Tufts University

Guangtao Ge, PhD '09
Year of Matriculation: 2004
Primary Advisor: Lenore Cowen, Department of Computer Science
Dissertation Title: "Analysis of Genomic and Experimental Data for Identifying Positively Selected Genes, Early Cancer Diagnosis and Screening for Improved Industrial Protein Production"
Current Position: Data Scientist, Big Data Analytics, Constant Contact

Christine Rioux, PhD '09
Year of Matriculation: 2004
Primary Advisor: David Gute, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dissertation Title: "Immunology, Genetics, Environmental Health"
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Public Health & Community Medicine - Tufts Medical School (2009-June 2017)

Deborah Bobek, PhD '07
Year of Matriculation: 2004
Primary Advisor: Richard Lerner, Department of Child Study and Human Development
Dissertation Title: Maintaining Civil Society and Democracy: Examining the Role of Youth Development Organizations in Promoting Civic Identity Development

Alice Cavallo, PhD '08
Year of Matriculation: 2003
Primary Advisor: Alva Couch, Department of Computer Science
Dissertation Title: Theater, Technology & Education  "Virtual Forum Theater: Creating and Shring Drama to Resolve Conflicts"
Current Position: Data Analyst at Wentworth Institute of Technology

David Proctor, PhD '10
Year of Matriculation: 2002
Primary Advisor: Steven Marrone, Department of History
Dissertation Title: Medieval History, Art History & Languages  "Imperial Christ:  The Empire, The Papacy and the Battle of Christendom"
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of History, Tufts University

Kayo Tajima, PhD '05
Year of Matriculation: 2002
Primary Advisor: Gary Leupp, Department of History
Dissertation Title: "The Marketing of Urgan Waste in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area: 1600-1935"
Current Position: Teaching in Japan

Tracy Noble, PhD '07
Year of Matriculation: 2000
Primary Advisor: Analucia Schliemann, Department of Education
Dissertation Title: "Body Motion and Physics:  How Elementary School Students Use Gesture and Action to make Sense of the Physical World"
Current Position:  Project Leader, TERC (August 1993-present)

Cathy Stanton, PhD '04
Year of Matriculation: 1999
Primary Advisor: David Guss, Department of Anthropology
Dissertation Title: "The Lowell Experiment:  Public History in a Postindustrial City"
Current Position:  Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Tufts University

Kevin Paul Gallagher, PhD '03
Year of Matriculation: 1999
Primary Advisor: Rachel Bratt, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
Dissertation Title: "Economic Integration, Environment & Development: Assessing the Mexican Experience"
Current Position: Associate Prof. of International Relations, Boston University

Iris Stammberger, PhD '05
Year of Matriculation: 1998
Primary Advisor: David Feldman, Department of Child Study and Human Development
Dissertation Title: "The Dynamics of Conceptual Change:  Expert and Novice Navigation in a Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE)"
Current Position: Founder and Senior Consultant, TALBOK Management Consultants; CEO - Lionza Education - Business Educational Services Winchester, MA; Mind-Body Intervention Specialist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Diana Anius, PhD '04
Year of Matriculation: 1998
Primary Advisor: Robert Jacob, Department of Computer Science
Dissertation Title: "Technology and Policy of a Regional Wireless Grid"
Current Position: Managing Director, Dorani Consulting (Nov 2004-present); Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University (Sept 2015-present)

Steve Moysey, PhD '01
Year of Matriculation: 1997
Primary Advisor: Arthur Winston, Gordon Institute
Dissertation Title: "A Cross Functional Examination of Technological Discontinuities and the Associated Risk of Firm Disruptions"
Current Position: VP Engineering and R&D - Cellular Life Sciences

Diane Johnson-McCarthy, PhD '02
Year of Matriculation: 1997
Primary Advisor: Rob Hollister, Tisch College
Dissertation Title: "The Cosmology of Partnership & Cross Sector  Organizational Collaboration:  An Examination of Private, Public and Third Sector Organizations Engaging Community Problem Solving"
Current Position: President/Owns Pvt. Consulting Business for non-profits "MMAPEU"

Sally Duncan, PhD '01
Year of Matriculation: 1996
Primary Advisor: Andrew McClellan, Department of the History of Art and Architecture
Dissertation Title: "Paul J. Sachs and the Institutionalization of Museum Culture between the World Wars"

Steven Cohen, PhD '98
Year of Matriculation: 1992
Primary Advisor: Richard Chechile, Department of Psychology
Dissertation Title: "A Detailed, Multi-Site Method for Assessing the Effectiveness of Instructional Software"
Current Position: Visiting Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Stella Papasavva, PhD '97
Year of Matriculation: 1993
Primary Advisor: Jonathan Kenny, Department of Chemistry
Dissertation Title: "Reducing the Risk of Global Warming from CFC Alternatives:  A Scientific Basis for Policy Options"
Current Position: Environmental Consultant - Greater Detroit - GREN-MAC-LCCP , Chair & Senior advisor on Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainable Development

Sergei Grigoriev, PhD '96
Year of Matriculation: 1993
Dissertation Title: "The International Department of Central Committee of the Party of the Soviet Union and Gorbachev's Attempts to Reform the Party Apparat:  A Case Study of Disintegration of Authority"
Current Position: Director of the Russian-U.S. Business Council

Constance Putnam, PhD '99
Year of Matriculation: 1991
Primary Advisor: Howard Solomon, Department of History
Dissertation Title: "True Compassion:  Hospice or Hemlock"
Current Position: Writer

Guru Ramanathan, PhD '98
Year of Matriculation: 1990
Primary Advisor: David Dapice, Department of Economics
Dissertation Title: "Technological Innovation in Elective Health Care:  A Case Study from an Emerging Market"
Current Position: President, Brillian Care; President, Guru Ramanathan LLC