Senior Thesis or Project Timeline

Re-Register for the spring semester CIS Senior Thesis Course—either CIS 95 or CIS 195 (Honors)

NOTE: Student and faculty committee establish due dates for the senior thesis or project. Allow enough time for faculty advisors to read and comment on the draft, for the student to revise the draft in response to their comments, and for the student to hand in the finished project one week before the oral defense meeting.

By April 1st for May graduates (November 15th for December graduates), submit a draft of the thesis to all faculty advisors for comments and recommended changes or additions.

Advisors return the draft with comments and recommended changes or additions by the date agreed upon.

Revise the draft in response to readers' comments and hand in the final version of the project one week before the thesis defense.

Thesis Defense meeting for May graduates should take place between the last week of April and the first week of May.
Thesis Defense meeting for December graduates should take place between the first week of December and December 15th.
This one-hour meeting is an opportunity for student and advisors to discuss and assess achievements and reflect on areas for improvement. The faculty advisors determine the grade based on the thesis at this time and complete the IS Major Grade Sheet, which must be turned into the CIS Office by one of the faculty advisors as soon as possible after the defense. Advisors will email the grade for CIS 95/195 to J. Dobrow, Director for CIS for submission to SIS.

If you are doing an Honors Thesis the Registrar's Office will send a Thesis Recommendation for Honors form to the primary advisor with instructions and deadlines. Send this form to the CIS office.

After the defense both the student and advisors must complete Assessment Forms as part of the on-going, university-wide assessment of learning outcomes in departments and programs. Assessment forms will be sent out via email toward the end of the spring semester.

Thesis Copies. Students must submit a copy of their thesis to Digital Collections and Archives in Tisch Library before May Commencement. Theses may be submitted electronically or in traditional bound form and should adhere to Tufts Digital Library archival submission guidelines. You must also submit an electronic copy of the manuscript to the CIS office.