Requirements & Courses


Students who have declared the Latino Studies minor prior to Fall 2020 can follow the previous minor requirements or choose to follow the new minor requirements.

The Latino Studies minor is designed to offer students a strong foundation to understand the history and contributions of Latinos/as in the United States. All courses taken for the Latino Studies minor program must be taken for a letter grade. Courses with a letter grade of C- or lower will not be accepted toward the minor. A maximum of two credits from the minor may be counted toward a major or majors (exceptions may be allowed upon petition to the program director). Up to two credits may be used for distribution requirements.
Minors fulfill six requirements:

  1. One Survey Course focused on US Latinos: if a student takes more than one of these courses, it can count towards the 50%+ category
  2. One Latin American Survey Course
  3. One survey course in comparative race relations in the U.S. context
  4. One course consisting of at least 50% Latino content
  5. One elective course relevant to Latino studies with substantial and/or relevant Latino content (an independent study with a Latino Studies faculty on a Latino topic may also count).
  6. Senior Capstone Project or Option Course

    There are two options to complete this requirement:

    i. Complete a senior capstone project, which is an independent study developed in consultation with the capstone advisor or LST Program Director. To receive credit, the student must enroll in LST 0198 (Latino Studies Capstone Project) and consult with the capstone advisor or LST Program Director about his or her plans for the project a least one semester before enrolling.

    ii. Take a sixth course from any one of the lists of approved courses above.
  7. To declare a minor in Latino Studies, please complete the Minor Declaration Form and the Minor Certification Checklist