Community Music Program

Tufts Youth Philharmonic

Please contact Edith Auner
Phone: 617-627-5616

Policy Sheet

Members of Tufts Youth Philharmonic are required to take private or semi-private lessons on their instruments and to seek instruction on passages from TYP repertoire that are challenging.

TYP students are active in many musical activities, but we expect families to plan carefully to minimize the number of absences from rehearsals for TYP.

If a member of the orchestra must miss a rehearsal, he or she is responsible for finding out what music was covered and for preparing assigned music for upcoming rehearsals. After two absences in a semester, the student must play for the conductor and sectional coach.

Attendance is required at all rehearsals and concerts. The calendar for the year is published online at least two months prior to the first rehearsal in September.

The hours for Friday rehearsals are 4:00-6:30 pm. Anyone arriving 30 minutes late or leaving 30 minutes early will be considered absent that day.

Students may be placed on probation after three absences in a semester.