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Arts and Sciences News

  • Greg Holt on the football field

    As a football player, A&S senior Greg Holt plays hard, and as a sociology major, he’s seeking to understand the world to make it a better place

  • A photo of the White House

    As the U.S. House of Representatives begins to consider impeaching President Donald Trump, Jeffrey Taliaferro, associate professor of political science, details the process and precedents

  • A graphic depicting binary code

    Tufts mathematicians find the way we represent numbers in computers can lead to large computational errors, especially for modeling dynamical systems

  • Deborah Lipstadt speaks at Tufts

    Writer and Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt highlights the nuances and dangers of modern antisemitism in a talk at Tufts, part of the School of Arts and Sciences Dean's Lecture Series

  • Nick Seaver, assistant professor, Department of Anthropology, explains that attention isn’t just something that is ours to have or lose, it also reflects society’s values

  • An architectural rendering of the Joyce Cummings Center

    Joyce Cummings Center will meet academic priorities as it also leverages a new public transit station, just a footbridge away

  • A person looking at a campaign map

    The new Tufts Campaign School is a six-day course in the winter term designed to train students about political campaigns ahead of the 2020 election. The program will be led by Jessica Byrnes, program administrator at Tisch College, and Brian Schaffner, Newhouse Professor of Civic Studies in the Department of Political Science.

  • Nichole Sobecki

    Nichole Sobecki, A08, has covered violence and devastation around the world, and talks in a Tufts podcast about bringing back important stories that need to be told

  • U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor in the Gantcher Center at Tufts

    We all need to speak up and be heard—and be willing to engage with others, the Supreme Court justice told a large Tufts audience