Certificate of Advanced Professional Study for Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are confronted with administrative and supervisory responsibilities and the need for increased specialization. Areas of practice such as health and wellness consulting, technology and assistive device development, and private practice community health services are emerging practice areas. To help occupational therapists meet these demands, Tufts Department of Occupational Therapy, in conjunction with the Office of Graduate Studies, offers a part-time program, the Certificate of Advanced Professional Study.

Program Requirements and Policies

This four-course certificate program is open to individuals with a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in occupational therapy. It is of special interest to occupational therapists interested in expanding their careers, fieldwork educators, administrators, clinical specialists and supervisors, and seasoned professionals eager to strengthen their expertise.

Course Requirements

The certificate requires four courses as follows:

  • One Research Course (select one of the below):

    • OTS 208 Clinical Reasoning IV: Evidence-Based Practice

    • OTS 209 Clinical Research

    • OTS 288 Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring

  • Three Specialty Courses: Three specialty courses with an integrated focus are required. These courses and other electives are offered on the basis of interest and enrollment. Elective graduate-level courses at Tufts may be substituted based on a student's needs. An individual course of study is arranged with the program adviser.