Graduate Program

Program Costs and Financial Assistance

The tuition fee for the two-year M.A. program was roughly $21,000, total, for students who enrolled in the 2018-19 academic year. (This was the actual fee after the average tuition remission of roughly 60 percent for students who requested financial aid). Most years see a slight increase in the cost of tuition from the previous year.

Students might be eligible for additional tuition remission, pending supplemental resources from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The tuition fee is further offset by $3,000 students receive after completing the first-semester pedagogy seminar (which does not require work outside class).

Tuition is paid in its entirety during the student's first year, in two equal installments, each due roughly a month before the start of the next semester (i.e., in August and December). No tuition is paid during the student's second year of study.

GSAS requires students who remain in the program for more than two years to pay a continuation fee of $800 per semester starting with their fifth semester in the program.

To enroll at Tufts, students must have health insurance coverage that meets Massachusetts state standards. The insurance offered by Tufts Health Service costs roughly $2,500 a year.

After their first semester in the program, students can apply for a Teaching Assistantship. These currently pay roughly $4,500 per course (or per discussion section). We ordinarily can accommodate all M.A. candidates in good standing. Typically, we do not assign teaching assistantships to first-semester M.A. students.