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2016-2017 Colloquium

Each week the department hosts a leading expert in physics or a related field, from inside or outside Tufts, to speak and answer questions about his or her work. The talks are designed to be accessible to anyone with undergraduate physics knowledge. They are an important part of our intellectual community, offering an opportunity to come together and learn about the most exciting current developments in and around our shared field, from the people who are making them happen.

The colloquium is held on Fridays at 3:00pm in Room 401 of the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex (CLIC) at 574 Boston Ave. Coffee and cookies are served at 2:30pm.

Spring 2017

February 3
A Deep Look for New Physics with Neutrino Oscillations
Taritree Wongjirad, MIT

February 10
Understanding and designing cyclic peptides
Yu-Shan Lin, Tufts University

February 17
Studying Neutrino Oscillations at NOvA: From Experimental Design to Pioneering Analysis
Alexander Radovic, College of William and Mary

March 3
Hunting for Sterile Neutrinos at Long and Short Baselines
Adam Aurisano, University of Cincinnati

March 10
Neutrinos: From idea to discovery to precision measurements
Minerba Betancourt, Fermi National Laboratory

March 31
In Search of Cosmic-Ray Antinuclei from Dark Matter
Kerstin Perez, MIT

April 14
Bacterial transport: Flow and geometry in active matter systems
Jeffrey S. Guasto, Tufts University

April 28
Compact Dark Matter
Mark Kamionkowski, Johns Hopkins University

May 5
Disordered Hyperuniform Many-Particle Systems: New States of Amorphous Matter
Sal Torquato, Princeton University

Fall 2016

September 16
The Dusty Phase of Galaxies
Anna Sajina, Tufts University

September 23
The Lifecycle of Supermassive Black Holes
Jenny Greene, Princeton University

September 30
Tailoring Quantum Matter Away from Equilibrium: Shortcuts to Adiabaticity
Adolfo del Campo, UMass-Boston

October 7
The Fate of Exploding Carbon-Oxygen Chandrasekhar-Mass White Dwarfs: The Production of Stable Iron-Peak Elements in the Type Ia Supernova Remnant 3C 397
Robert Fisher, UMass-Dartmouth

October 14
High Energy Physics, the Standard Model, and the Search to Understand QCD
Jeff Owens, Florida State University

October 21
What Powers Diffuse Lyman Alpha Emission around Galaxies?
Kyoung-Soo Lee, Purdue University

October 28
Statistical Physics Meets Economics: Agent-Based Models of Wealth Distributions
Bruce Boghosian, Tufts University

November 18
Probing the Universe with Gravitational Waves
Rainer Weiss, MIT

December 2
Liquid Crystal Templated nano-assemblies
Linda Hirst, University of California-Merced

December 9
Large-Scale Photonic Integrated Circuits for Quantum Information Processing
Dirk Englund, MIT