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2018-2019 Colloquium

Each week the department hosts a leading expert in physics or a related field, from inside or outside Tufts, to speak and answer questions about his or her work. The talks are designed to be accessible to anyone with undergraduate physics knowledge. They are an important part of our intellectual community, offering an opportunity to come together and learn about the most exciting current developments in and around our shared field, from the people who are making them happen.

Unless otherwise noted, all colloquia are held on Fridays at 3:00pm in Room 401 of the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex (CLIC) at 574 Boston Avenue in Medford.

Spring 2019

Friday, January 25
What does the black hole information paradox say about cosmology?
Samir Mathur, Ohio State University

Friday, February 1
The Growth of the Most Massive Galaxies in the Highest Density Regions: Evidence for In-Situ Star Formation in Brightest Cluster Galaxies
Tracy Webb, McGill University

Friday, February 8
Fabrication and assembly of shape-programmed polymer sheets
Ryan Hayward, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Friday, February 15
Topological Defects and Edge Modes in Graphene
Harsh Mathur, Case Western Reserve University

Friday, March 1
Axion Dark Matter and Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: New Techniques for New Physics
Lindley Winslow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday, March 8
Searching for New Physics with Mu2e
Sarah Demers, Yale University

Friday, March 15
No colloquium.

Friday, March 29
Crystal nucleation of long chain molecules
Greg Rutledge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Friday, April 5
What does the evaluation of systematic uncertainty contribute to scientific knowledge?
Kent Staley, Saint Louis University

Friday, April 12
Supporting the integration of numerical computation in physics education
Danny Caballero, Michigan State University

Friday, April 19
Ghosts on-shell: Precision measurement, neutrino oscillations, and the quest to go Beyond the Standard Model
Jeremy Wolcott, Tufts University

Friday, April 26
All stressed out: heterogeneous dynamics of cells and gels in complex spaces
Sujit Datta, Princeton University

Fall 2018

Friday, September 14
The Surprisingly Complex Lives of Massive Galaxies
Rachel Bezanson, University of Pittsburgh

Friday, September 21
Understanding Chaotic Fluids using Topology and Art
Spencer Smith, Mt Holyoke College

Friday, September 28
Dark Matter Substructure: Cosmological Treasure Trove or a Pandora's Box?
Frank van den Bosch, Yale University

Friday, October 5
The LHC and ATLAS: Observatories of the Infinitesimally Small
Jean-Francois Arguin, Université de Montreal

Friday, October 12
The Energy Revolution
Mara Prentiss, Harvard University

Friday, October 19
Solving the Dark Energy Mystery with Distant Galaxies
Eric Gawiser, Rutgers University

Friday, October 26
Mechanical structure function properties of biopolymer networks in cells and tissues
Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology

Friday, November 2
Title TBD
Glennys Farrar, New York University

Friday, November 16
Title TBD
Natasha Holmes, Cornell University

Friday, November 23
No colloquium due to Thanksgiving holiday.

Friday, November 30
Title TBD
Vladimir Savinov, University of Pittsburgh

Friday, December 7
Title TBD
Elisabetta Matsumoto, Georgia Institute of Technology