Kevin Lewis, A'03

Kevin Lewis

Current occupation:
I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

How do you use your physics background and training in your line of work? Did the Tufts physics department prepare you for your current career path?
My research in planetary geophysics on Mars and other planets lies at the intersection of physics, math and geology. Much of my work involves the analysis of planetary gravity and magnetic fields from a physics-based perspective. The methods I use every day stem directly from the understanding gained in my undergraduate physics curriculum - in particular, Mechanics and E+M. The knowledge gained in Optics and Quantum Mechanics at Tufts have been especially valuable for my work in planetary remote sensing. Although my graduate work had a more geological focus, an undergraduate physics major provides a fantastic foundation for a wide range of possible careers, particularly in the natural sciences. Exposure to best-practice research methods and software tools in Prof. Cebe's lab were a huge benefit and provided a smooth transition to graduate school!

What is your favorite memory of your time in the Tufts physics department?
Prof. Cebe's Optics class was my favorite! I am also very grateful to Krzysztof Sliwa for donating his time one summer to giving myself and David Attanasio ('03) lessons in Intermediate Mechanics when we couldn't fit it into our course schedules - as a professor myself now, I understand how generous this was!