Current Graduate Students

Itamar AllaliItamar Allali
I am currently in my first year as a graduate student here at Tufts. I am originally from the Chicago area, and I got my undergraduate in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I plan to pursue research in Cosmology in the near future, with interest in areas including inflation, the dark sector, and quantum gravity, and I am also interested in some topics in particle physics and high energy theory.
Polina AbratenkoPolina Abratenko
Particle Physics /Neutrino Physics
Noura AlzaidanNoura Alzaidan
Physics Education
Saqib BasharSaqib Bashar
High Energy Physics
I'm with the High Energy group in the department, focusing on experimental neutrino physics; studying multi-nucleon scattering from neutrino-nucleus interactions.
Ryan BlackRyan Black
Physics Education
Yilin ChenYilin Chen
My research interest is cosmology. I did some research about cosmology and quantum cosmology with prof. Jin wang at Stony Brook, and I also spent 5 months working with Prof. Samuel L. Braunstein at York about black hole and entanglement entropy.
Andrew ClarkAndrew Clark
Condensed Matter Physics
I am interested in understanding the thermal and structural properties of a novel class of materials known as zwitterions with the intent of using them in next generation ion batteries. By investigating these fundamental characteristics, we can specially tailor the interactions to create safer and more efficient electrochemical energy devices.
Heling DengHeling Deng
I am interested in possible structures during and after inflation, as well as the nature of dark matter. My graduate studies happen to include the two extremes of dark matter models: primordial black holes and ultra-light particles. I enjoy using numerical methods to analyze models that cannot be solved analytically.
Mike DolceMike Dolce
I am a graduate student studying a particle named the neutrino. Although these particles are immensely abundant, little is known about them. I am working on GENIE, a neutrino interaction simulator, which uses data from worldwide neutrino experiments to improve the current predictive models in GENIE to better understand how neutrinos interact with matter.
Alec DrobacAlec Drobac
High Energy Physics
Alec is a high-energy particle physicist and a collaborator of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. He participates in several channels of analysis for the collaboration, including efficiency studies for the muon trigger group and investigations of intrinsic charm interactions in proton collisions.
Mudit GarodiaMudit Garodia
Mathew GisoMathew Giso
Condensed Matter Physics
I'm a member of Tim Atherton's Soft Matter Theory group. We use computational models to simulate a wide variety of deformable materials and learn about their properties. My work so far has focused on packing particles on a spherical surface under a uniform force. Recently, I've begun work using a modified Potts model to simulate the formation Crystal Comets.
Nelaka GovinnaNelaka Govinna
Condensed Matter Physics
My research is on experimental condensed matter physics, under the supervision of Prof. Peggy Cebe. My research projects are focused on fabrication of electrospun fiber membranes for filtration applications and characterization of semi-crystalline polymer blends with a strong emphasis on thermal analysis. Please visit my personal webpage.
Ben HansonBen Hanson
Condensed Matter Physics
Haiyun HuangHaiyun Huang
Jingjing HuangJingjing Huang
I worked with Bo Zhao in USTC in Ultracold molecules lab which focused on the field of quantum information. My future research field probably will be in condensed matter experiments or AMO.
Yifei HuangYifei Huang
Condensed Matter Physics
I currently work with Prof. Love mainly on the topic of classical simulation of quantum computation, exploring notions of stabilizer states, Wigner function and contextuality. In my spare time, I have wide interests in history, politics and society, recently on history of science. I also love playing tennis.
Mudit JainMudit Jain
My primary interest lies in theoretical particle physics, cosmology and gravity. In the past I've investigated spontaneous symmetry breaking in Higgs theories, Quantum field theories with random interactions, and also lattice simulations of QFT. Currently I'm investigating the role of Higgs in the early Universe (inflation and reheating, preheating eras). Please visit my personal webpage.
Anuja JayasekaraAnuja Jayasekara
Condensed Matter Physics
Colette KayaColette Kaya
High Energy Physics
I'm a graduate student, focusing on the Standard Model calculations in Particle Physics. Here at Tufts University, my advisor Professor Hugo Beauchemin and I work as members of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN to study boson decays. I've recently received my M.S. and am continuing with the Ph.D. program.
Will KirbyWill Kirby
I am a theoretical physicist, specializing in quantum information and quantum computation. My current topics of study are quantum contextuality (a framework for understanding and quantifying the distinction between classical and quantum systems) and quantum process tomography (methods for determining the nature of unknown quantum computational processes). Please visit my personal webpage.
Nick KreftingNick Krefting
Nick studies galaxy evolution with Professor Anna Sajina. He's interested in characterizing how a galaxy’s environment impacts its evolution, and how this dependency changes over cosmic time.
Michael KreshchukMichael Kreshchuk
I am currently working on applications of quantum computers to high energy physics. The goal is to use currently existing QCs to simulate elementary particle physics. In the past, I did research in QFT (2D SUSY sigma models) and QM (quasi-exactly solvable models, dualities and Picard-Fuchs equation). Please visit my personal webpage.
Max KurznerMax Kurzner
Jake LittererJake Litterer
Gravity has rich implications for cosmology, but is the only fundamental interaction for which we don’t yet have a consistent quantum theory. At high energies, gravity could violate Lorentz symmetry, usually considered a cherished principle. My current research investigates locality as a principle for constructing theories consistent at high energies.
Nick MartisNick Martis
I am a fifth year student working with Prof. Marchesini in the field of galaxy evolution. My research so far has aimed to determine the prevalence and properties of star-forming galaxies that are heavily obscured by dust.
Katie MasonKatie Mason
High Energy Physics
Katie is a graduate student working in high-energy physics. She works with Dr. Taritree Wonjirad on MicroBooNE, a liquid argon neutrino detector at Fermilab. Her research uses deep learning to analyze the data from the detector. The current goal is removing background from the data using a convolutional neural network.
Oliver MaupinOliver Maupin
Quantum Information
Josh MillsJosh Mills
High Energy Physics
Joshua Mills is a graduate student studying in the field of High Energy Physics, specifically studying neutrinos as part of the MicroBooNe collaboration experiment. He is interested in applying Deep Learning and Computer Vision techniques toward bettering the MicroBooNe low energy excess analysis. He works with Professor Taritree Wongjirad.
Peter MoorePeter Moore
Renewable Energy. Research in designing superconducting cables for use in fusion reactors
Kalina NedkovaKalina Nedkova
I am working with Prof. Marchesini to study galaxy formation and evolution. I am interested in what galaxy morphology can tell us about the process that shape galaxies. Currently, I work on modeling galaxy light profiles to understand how different components affect the observed properties of galaxies as a whole.
Travis OlsonTravis Olson
High Energy Physics
Travis works on the NOvA neutrino oscillation experiment. His research interests include neutrino nuclei cross section measurements and he is working on measuring the two-particle two-hole scattering on hydrocarbon cross section with the NOvA near detector.
Anna PhillipsAnna Phillips
Physics Education
Anna's dissertation work falls in an intersection of physics, education, and philosophy. She studies how students and physicists alike construct, refine, articulate, and motivate others to take up problems and questions. She has also examined how physics courses can shape students’ attitudes towards uncertainty and beliefs about calculus.
Kenny RobbinsKenny Robbins
My name is Ken/Kenny. I'm from coastal New Hampshire and got into Tufts to study cosmology. I currently study cosmic strings but did my undergraduate research on exact solutions of gravitational radiation. Gravity is cool.
Neil ShahNeil Shah
Hello, my name is Neil Shah. I am a UMass Amherst alumni who is interested in cosmology and astronomy. My undergraduate research focused on soft matter, specifically the effect of friction on granular flow out of a quasi-2D container. My hobbies are playing the bass guitar and reading.
Hyungsuk SonHyungsuk Son
High Energy Physics
My research focuses on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. I'm involved in the searches for new physics, as well as in the understanding of the standard model of particle physics using the ATLAS detector.
Vladyslav SyrotenkoVladyslav Syrotenko
Ph.D. student in high energy physics, M.Sc. My thesis research is based on data from MINERvA neutrino experiment, Fermilab. I have strong interests and background in theoretical physics, mathematics, programming, STEM education.
Jack ThomasJack Thomas
Condensed Matter Physics
Andrew TranterAndrew Tranter
Quantum Simulation and Computation
Derek WalkamaDerek Walkama
Condensed Matter Physics
My general interests lie in the field of soft matter, more specifically complex fluid and active matter systems. Previously, I have worked on the coupling between viscoelastic turbulence and flow geometry/disorder. Recently, I've began a project studying flagellar mechanics of sperm in flow. Please visit my webpage if you're interested!
Peter WuPeter Wu
I have recently been working on quantum stress energy tensor fluctuations in flat spacetime. Current research into the probability distributions of these fluctuations suggest that large fluctuations have a small probability of occurring, so better understanding these distributions could help inform our theories, predictions, and observations at the quantum level.
Zhaoyu XieZhaoyu Xie
Condensed Matter Physics
I'm in Soft Matter Theory group, working with Professor Atherton. My current project is to study ellipsoids packed on a sphere.
Kumail ZaidiKumail Zaidi
My current research interests fall within the regime of Extragalactic Astrophysics. In the past, I have worked on massive stars and their evolution at University Observatory Munich, Germany. Later, I have worked in High Energy Astrophysics at Sabanci University, Turkey before joining Tufts.