Our Graduates Today

Graduates from the Tufts University Department of Physics and Astronomy advance to a variety of opportunities after completion of the program. Past graduates have gone to graduate school in a variety of fields, only a few of which include: physics, astronomy, education, engineering, computer science, and economics. Many of our graduates choose to move on to medical or dental school, while others choose to join the work force before considering furthering their education.

Ben Preis

Ben Preis, A'15
Government Relations Associate

"The thought processes of physics — breaking problems down, carefully considering alternate paths and explanations — makes me a better thinker on the job."

Rebekah Holtz

Rebekah Holtz, A'11
J.D. Candidate, Harvard Law School
Former Patent Agent, Apple

"Besides relying on my physics background to help me understand new technologies, I find myself calling upon the problem-solving and analytical skills I developed as a physics major on a daily basis."

Kevin Lewis

Kevin Lewis, A’03
Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at Johns Hopkins University

"Although my graduate work had a more geological focus, an undergraduate physics major provides a fantastic foundation for a wide range of possible careers, particularly in the natural sciences."

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