Fall 2018 Course Offerings

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Course # Course Title and Syllabus Instructor
PS 004-03 First Year Tutorial in Politics: Political Theory of Leadership Vickie Sullivan
PS 11 Introduction to American Politics Brian Schaffner
PS 13 Sophomore Seminar: Race & Class in American Politics James Glaser
PS 15 Sophomore Seminar: Politics & the City (M) Jeff Berry
PS 20 Introduction to Civic Studies Ioannis Evrigenis, Erin Kelly, and Peter Levine
PS 41 Western Political Thought I Vickie Sullivan
PS 61 Introduction to International Relations Jeff Taliaferro
PS 99 Fieldwork in Politics Shinju Fujihira
PS 101 President & the Executive Branch Jeff Berry
PS 102 Congress, Bureaucracy and Public Policy Miranda Yaver
PS 103 Political Science Research Methods (M) Nimah Mazaheri
PS 118-01 Topics in American Politics: Inside Congress & The 2018 Midterm Elections Steve Israel
PS 119-01 Seminar in American Politics: US National Elections (*)(M) Eitan Hersh
PS 119-02 Seminar in American Politics: Polling the 2018 Election (*)(M) Brian Schaffner
PS 121 Seminar: Political Culture from a Comparative Perspective (*) Consuelo Cruz
PS 122 Soviet Russia & Post-Soviet Politics Oxana Shevel
PS 127 Latin American Politics Consuelo Cruz
PS 130 Seminar: African Political Economy (M)(*) Pearl Robinson
PS 134 Comparative Politics of the Middle East Malik Mufti
PS 138-01 Topics in Comparative Politics: Policing in the US & Europe David Art
PS 138-02 Topics in Comparative Politics: Democracy & its Alternatives David Art
PS 138-03 Topics in Comparative Politics: Politics of Oil & Energy Nimah Mazaheri
PS 147 Seminar: Political Philosophy of Nietzsche (*) Robert Devigne
PS 157 Markets, Morals, and Religion: The Political Theory of David Hume and Adam Smith (*) Dennis Rasmussen
PS 158-01 Topics in Political Thought: Rise and Decay of the West Robert Devigne
PS 180 Regionalism in Africa Pearl Robinson
PS 181 Public Opinion and Foreign Policy (M) Richard Eichenberg
PS 184 Seminar: Better than the Truth (M)(*) Kelly Greenhill
PS 187 Intelligence and National Security Jeff Taliaferro
PS 188-01 Topics in International Relations: Politics of Self-Determination Vartan Oskanian
PS 188-02 Topics in International Relations: Chinese Foreign Policy Michael Beckley
PS 189-01 Seminar in International Relations: Turkish Foreign Policy (*) Malik Mufti
PS 189-02 Seminar in International Relations: IR of East Asia (*) Shinju Fujihira
PS 189-03 Seminar in International Relations: American Primacy (*) Michael Beckley
PS 194 U.S. Environmental Policy Ninian Stein
PS 198 Senior Honors Thesis (M) Richard Eichenberg

(M) = Methodologically focused course
(*) = Advanced seminar