Fall 2014 Course Offerings

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Course # Course Title and Syllabus Day/Time Instructor Room
PS 004-02 First-Year Tutorial in Political Theory: Capitalism, For and Against
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E+ MW 10:30-11:45 Dennis Rasmussen Packard Hall Conference Room
PS 039-01 Sophomore Seminar: Mitigating Electoral Violence in Africa
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8+ Th 1:20-4:20 Pearl Robinson 11 Talbot Ave, Room 103
PS 041 Western Political Thought 1 D+ TTh 10:30-11:45 Ioannis Evrigenis Pearson Hall, Room 104
PS 043 Justice, Equality & Liberty I+ MW 3:00-4:15 David Denby Barnum Hall, Room 008
PS 061 Introduction to International Relations J+ TTh 3:00-4:15 Michael Beckley Barnum Hall, Room 008
  Rec A L T 4:30-5:20 STAFF Braker Hall, Room 222
  Rec B N T 6:00-6:50 STAFF Braker Hall, Room 118
  Rec C I W 3:00-3:50 STAFF Braker Hall, Room 226
  Rec D K W 4:30-5:20 STAFF Barnum Hall, Room 114
  Rec E A Th 9:30-10:20 STAFF Aidekman Arts Center, Room 013
  Rec F D Th 10:30-11:20 STAFF Braker Hall, Room 225
  Rec G F F 12:00-12:50 STAFF Braker Hall, Room 225
PS 099 Fieldwork in Politics
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  Shinju Fujihira n/a
PS 101 Presidency and the Executive Branch
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G+ MW 1:30-2:45 Jeff Berry Anderson Hall, Room 313
PS 103 Political Science Research Methods (M) D+ TTh 10:30-11:45 Debbie Schildkraut Tisch Library, Mark 4 PC Lab
PS 105 Constitutional Law
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L+ TTh 4:30-5:45 Teresa Walsh Tisch Library, Room 304
PS 106 Racial and Ethnic Politics I+ MW 3:00-4:15 Natalie Masuoka Olin Language Arts Ctr, Rm 011
PS 113 Seminar: Nonprofits and Civil Society
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0 M 9:00-11:30 Jeff Berry East Hall Lounge
PS 118-08 Topics in American Politics: Voting Rights
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I+ MW 3:00-4:15 Teresa Walsh Anderson Hall, Room 313
PS 121 Seminar: Political Culture in Comparative Perspective
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11 T 6:30-9:00 Consuelo Cruz Eaton Hall, Room 123
PS 126 Chinese Politics
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H+ TTh 1:30-2:45 Elizabeth Remick Tisch Library, Room 314
PS 127 Latin American Politics
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K+ MW 4:30-5:45 Consuelo Cruz Anderson Hall, Room 312
PS 135 Comparative Revolutions (M)
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D+ TTh 10:30-11:45 Elizabeth Remick Anderson Hall, Room 312
PS 141 Shakespeare's Rome
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G+ MW 1:30-2:45 Vickie Sullivan Tisch 314
PS 146 Liberty, Morality & Virtue J+ TTh 3:00-4:15 Rob Devigne Packard Hall Conference Room
PS 149 Contemporary Political Theory
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I+ MW 3:00-4:15 Dennis Rasmussen Tisch Library, Room 314
PS 151 Seminar: The Political Philosophy of Hobbes 8 Th 1:30-4:00 Ioannis Evrigenis Eaton Hall, Room 123
PS 158-07 Topics in PT: Nietzsche: Will to Power N+ TTh 6:00-7:15 Rob Devigne Packard Hall Conference Room
PS 170 Understanding Civil Wars: Internal Conflicts, International Responses
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E+ MW 10:30-11:45 Kelly Greenhill Paige Hall, Terrace Room
PS 188-01 Topics in IR: Race, Ethnicity, and U.S. Africa Policy
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I+ MW 3:00-4:15 Pearl Robinson Paige Hall, Crane Room
PS 188-06 Topics in IR: Global Environmental Policy J+ TTh 3:00-4:15 Andrew Tirrell Anderson Hall, Room 212
PS 188-11 Topics in IR: Political Foundation of Economic Prosperity I+ MW 3:00-4:15 Daniel Drezner Eaton Hall, Room 202
PS 188-13 Topics in IR: U.S. Foreign Policy in Asia L+ TTh 4:30-5:45 Michael Beckley Eaton Hall, 201 - Birch Rm
PS 188-25 Topics in IR: Human Rights and Democracy Promotion Abroad: From Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama 1913-2014 H+ TTh 1:30-2:45 Tony Smith Aidekman Arts Center, Room 012
PS 188-45 Topics in IR: Intelligence and National Security H+ TTh 1:30-2:45 Jeff Taliaferro Olin Language Arts Ctr, Rm 012
PS 188-49
The Foreign Relations and Security Policies of the European Union in the 21st Century: Theory and Practice K+ MW 4:30-5:45 Irina Chindea (Fletcher Student) Miner Hall, Room 112
PS 189-03 Seminar in IR: International Relations of East Asia
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10 M 6:30-9:00 Shinju Fujihira Packard Hall Conference Room
PS 189-04 Seminar in IR: World Wars and the Nation State 1 T 9:00-11:30 Jeff Taliaferro Packard Hall Conference Room
PS 189-05 Seminar in IR: Turkish Foreign Policy
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2 W 9:00-11:30 Malik Mufti Miner Hall, Room 112
PS 189-06 Seminar in IR: The Origins of Human Rights and Democracy Promotion in American Foreign Policy 0 M 9:00-11:30 Tony Smith Miner Hall, Room 221
PS 189-19
Seminar in IR: Human Rights and American Foreign Policy
*Will be offered in Spring 2015
6 T 1:30-4:00 Katrina Swett Braker Hall, Room 223
PS 198 Senior Honors Thesis 12 W 6:30-9:00 Natalie Masuoka Miner Hall, Room 112

(M) = Methodologically focused course