Fall 2016 Course Offerings

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Course # Course Title and Syllabus Instructor
PS002 First-Year Tutorial in Comparative Politics: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Conflict in Eurasia Oxana Shevel
PS004 First-Year Tutorial in Political Theory: Capitalism Dennis Rasmussen
PS011 Introduction to American Politics Deborah J. Schildkraut Russell
PS015 Sophomore Seminar: Politics in the City (M)
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Jeffrey Berry
PS021 Intro to Comparative Politics Nimah Mazaheri
PS041 Western Political Thought I Vickie Sullivan
PS061 Introduction to International Relations Kelly Greenhill
PS099 Fieldwork in Politics: Fieldwork in Local Government Shinju Fujihira
PS101 Presidency and the Executive Branch
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Jeffrey Berry
PS103 Political Science Research Methods (M) Natalie Masuoka
PS117 Politics in the American South (M) James Glaser
PS118-01 Environmental Policy Ninian Stein
PS118-24 Topics in American Politics: Mapping Politics: Neighborhood Engagement in the 2016 Presidential Election (M) Natalie Masuoka
PS118-25 Topics in American Politics: Changing America, Changing Politics Simon Rosenberg
PS 118-26 Race for the White House in a Modern Media Environment David Gregory
PS121 Seminar: Political Culture in Comparative Perspective (*) Consuelo Cruz
PS122 Soviet Russian and Post-Soviet Politics Oxana Shevel
PS126 Chinese Politics Elizabeth Remick-Yamamoto
PS127 Latin American Politics Consuelo Cruz
PS129 African Politics Pearl Robinson
PS135 Comparative Revolutions (M) Elizabeth Remick-Yamamoto
PS138-01 Topics In Comparative Politics: Democracy and its Alternatives David Art
PS138-10 Topics In Comparative Politics: Politics Of Oil and Energy Nimah Mazaheri
PS142 Ethics and International Relations Kelly Greenhill and Ioannis Evrigenis
PS147 Seminar: Political Philosophy of Nietzsche (*) Robert Devigne
PS157 Markets, Morals, and Religion (*) Dennis Rasmussen
PS158 Topics in Political Thought: Rise and Decay of the West Robert Devigne
PS172 U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East Malik Mufti
PS180 Regionalism In Africa Pearl Robinson
PS181 Public Opinion and Foreign Policy (M) Richard Eichenberg
PS187 Intelligence and National Security Jeffrey Taliaferro
PS188-19 Topics In International Relations: Human Rights and American Foreign Policy Katrina Swett
PS189-03 Seminar in International Relations: International Relations of East Asia (*) Shinju Fujihira
PS189-05 Seminar in International Relations: Turkish Foreign Policy (*) Malik Mufti
PS189-45 Seminar in International Relations: World Wars and Nation States (*) Jeffrey Taliaferro