Spring 2019 Course Offerings

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Course # Course Title and Syllabus Instructor
PS 20 Introduction to Civic Studies Erin Kelly & Peter Levine
PS 21 Introduction To Comparative Politics Oxana Shevel
PS 42 Western Political Thought II Robert Devigne
PS 61 Introduction to International Relations Kelly Greenhill
PS 99 Fieldwork In Politics Shinju Fujihira
PS 103 Political Science Research Methods (M) Nimah Mazaheri
PS 104 Seminar: New Media, New Politics (M)(*) Jeffrey Berry & Robin Liss
PS 105 Constitutional Law Miranda Yaver
PS 108 Public Opinion and U. S. Democracy (M) Brian Schaffner
PS 113 Seminar: Nonprofits And Civil Society (*) Jeffrey Berry
PS 118-01 Topics in American Politics: Law and Public Policy Miranda Yaver
PS 118-02 Topics in American Politics: Massachusetts Government Internships Benjamin Downing
PS 125 Building European Union David Art
PS 131 Democracy And Capitalism In Japan Shinju Fujihira
PS 138-01 Topics in Comparative Politics: Making States: Theory & Practice Consuelo Cruz
PS 138-02 Topics in Comparative Politics: Political Violence in State & Society Consuelo Cruz
PS 138-03 Topics in Comparative Politics: Democracy and its Alternative David Art
PS 138-04 Topics in Comparative Politics: Fascism: Then and Now Annie Pfeifer
PS 139-01 Seminar In Comparative Politics: States, Nations, and the Politics of Citizenship Rules (*) Oxana Shevel
PS 139-02 Seminar In Comparative Politics: Poverty & Public Policy (*) Nimah Mazaheri
PS 140 Liberalism And Its Philosophical Critics Robert Devigne
PS 144 The Meaning Of America Dennis Rasmussen
PS 148 Seminar: Political Thought of Montesquieu (*) Vickie Sullivan
PS 151 Seminar: The Political Philosophy Of Hobbes (*) Ioannis Evrigenis
PS 158-01 Topics In Political Thought: Origins of Modern Republicanism Vickie Sullivan
PS 160 Force, Strategy, and Arms Control Jeffrey Taliaferro
PS 167 Studies in War and Empire Malik Mufti
PS 168 International Law Deborshi Barat and Federico Jarast
PS 172 U.S. Foreign Policy In The Middle East Malik Mufti
PS 188-01 Topics in International Relations: Gender Issues In World Politics Richard Eichenberg
PS 188-03 Topics in International Relations: Cybersecurity and Cyberwar Jeffrey Taliaferro
PS 188-04 Topics in International Relations: Race and US Africa Policy Pearl Robinson
PS 188-05 Topics in International Relations: the Howard School of International Affairs Pearl Robinson
PS 189 Seminar in International Relations: The Pursuit of Gender Equality (*) Richard Eichenberg
PS 199 Senior Honors Thesis Richard Eichenberg

(M) = Methodologically focused course
(*) = Advanced seminar