Malik Mufti

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Tufts University
Dept. of Political Science
Packard Hall
Medford, MA 02155

Office: 617.627.2016
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International Relations, Middle East

Ph.D. Harvard University, 1993

Malik Mufti teaches courses on international relations as well as the politics of the Middle East. He received a Ph.D. and an M. A. from Harvard University, an M.A. from Yale University and a B.A. from Middlebury College. He is the author of Sovereign Creations: Pan-Arabism and Political Order in Syria and Iraq (1996), and Daring and Caution in Turkish Strategic Culture: Republic at Sea (2009). He has also written shorter pieces on the domestic politics, international relations, and political thought of the Near East, including his latest journal articles "The AK Party's Islamic Realist Political Vision: Theory and Practice" (Politics and Governance, October 2014); "Democratizing Potential of the 'Arab Spring': Some Early Observations" (Government and Opposition, July 2015); and "Neo-Ottomanists and Neoconservatives: A Strange Alignment in the 1990s" (Insight Turkey, Winter 2016). He is currently working on a research project on realism in Islamic political thought. He is a recipient of the Lillian and Joseph Leibner Award for Distinguished Teaching and Advising.