Undergraduate Program


Students choosing to major in Political Science can select their own academic advisor from among all full-time faculty members. Under University rules, students must declare a major no later than the end of their sophomore year. Students that double major in Political Science and another discipline must have a Political Science advisor. PS Majors are expected to consult with their advisors at least twice a year for the purpose of discussing the choice of courses and the development of a coherent program of study. PS Major are also required to submit to their advisor a completed Major Concentration Checklist by the time in their senior year fall semester specified by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. For additional information, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website.

Faculty can provide a wealth of information to help familiarize students with the subfields of political science. In addition, sophomore seminars offer students a wonderful opportunity to become better acquainted with PS faculty members before choosing a major or advisor. Students unfamiliar with our Political Science faculty are encouraged to review our faculty page. If you would like to schedule a meeting with a professor, please check the office hours schedule in advance and schedule an appointment, if appropriate. If you need to submit a change of advisor request form, you can find it on the Tufts Student Forms page.