Undergraduate Program

PS 99 & Internships: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Internships

    • What is an internship?
    • Why should I do a political science internship?
    • How do I obtain an internship?
    • What is an appropriate internship for PS 99?
    • How do I make the most of my internship?
    • Can I do a law firm internship for PS 99?
  2. Introductory Course in Political Science

    • What counts as an introductory course?
    • Do I need to be political science major
  3. Written Assignments and Grades

    • How will the grade for PS 99 be determined?
    • What are the components of the written assignments?
    • What is the format for the paper?
    • What are the required readings for this course?
    • What is the employer's evaluation?
    • Will the Internship Coordinator visit the place of employment?