Undergraduate Program

PS 99 & Internships: International

Mercy Corps Conflict Management Group Intern

About Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps works almost exclusively in high-risk conflict and post-conflict environments. We currently have programs in more than 40 countries; the vast majority of these (73%) fall into the category of fragile or critically weak states. In addition, over 92% of the places where we work are considered to be at a high or moderately high risk of instability. While we recognize that these are difficult places to operate, we believe that transitional environments — countries affected by civil wars, economic and political crisis, or natural disasters — also offer tremendous opportunities for positive change.

Helping people find ways to break the cycle of violence and promote peaceful change is at the heart of Mercy Corps' mandate. We currently implement 34 conflict management and peacebuilding programs world wide. Our approach is built on three core foundations. First, we work with local leaders and communities in conflict-affected societies to help them gain the tools and skills they need to re-establish trust, rebuild relationships, and talk about the difficult issues that have led to violence. Second, we help our local partners implement development programs that address the underlying issues that are fuelling violence, whether competition over access to land or water, youth unemployment and alienation, or political and economic discrimination. Third, we actively seek to measure the impact of our programs, learn which approaches work (and which do not), and disseminate our findings to the broader development and policy community.

The intern will work closely with the Director of the Conflict Management Group in the implementation of the MC-CMG strategy with an emphasis on enhancing and deepening the agency's experience and capabilities in working in and on conflict. This position will focus primarily on projects in the Middle East and/or Latin America.  Substantive areas of interest include the relationship between conflict and natural resource management, conflict and economic development, or conflict and local governance.

Specific Functions:

  1. Maintain a database of Mercy Corps conflict projects and ensure information is accurate and up to date.
  2. Draft and revise descriptions of conflict programs (paragraphs and 1-page summaries)
  3. Assist in the development of fact sheets and success stories
  4. Assist with research on potential donors
  5. Provide research/support in thematic areas linked to conflict, such as negotiation, local governance, natural resources, or economic development
  6. Create an interactive map of conflict projects, both past and present.
  7. Help organize donor meetings and other public events related to conflict programs.
  8. Other tasks, as requested.

Organizational Learning:
As part of Mercy Corps' agency-wide Organizational Learning Initiative, all team members are responsible for spending 5% of their work time in formal and/or non-formal professional learning activities.

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position currently holds no supervisory responsibility; works directly with Sharon Morris, Director, Mercy Corps Conflict Management Group

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Excellent writing and computer skills required
  • Excellent organizational abilities required.

Success Factors:
A successful intern for this position will be highly motivated and interested in helping create a body of information about Mercy Corps conflict programs that will be used for years to come. Candidates must be creative, self-motivated and capable of working in a situation where the supervisor maybe traveling frequently.

To Apply: please contact Sharon Morris, Director, Conflict Management Group, directly at smorris@dc.mercycorps.org.