Graduate Programs

The graduate program in psychology is designed to prepare scholars for entering scientifically oriented research and/or teaching jobs. To this end, the PhD program requirements have two major goals: 1) to provide a broad-based, high-level exposure to scientific psychology, and 2) to provide in depth experimentally-oriented knowledge of an area of psychology.

Areas of concentration reflect the research interests of the faculty. These include:

The graduate program's course-work and milestone requirements have been constructed to consider the student's professional development and to foster a successful research career. Effective written communication is an essential research skill. As such, one of the main objectives of the graduate program focuses on effective written communication of scientific research. To achieve this objective, students receive extensive feedback on writing from personalized faculty committees.

Tufts University also offers advanced degrees in the area of School Psychology through the Department of Education and Clinical Developmental Psychology through the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development.

PhD in Psychology

The PhD program in Psychology is comprised of a pre-master's and a post-master's part.

PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science

The Joint PhD Program in Cognitive Science offers students the opportunity to receive world-class training in the interdisciplinary methods and theories of Cognitive Science.


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