Transfer of Credit

Courses taken for a grade in a non-Tufts program or university, (domestic or abroad), can be counted towards the major with approval from the Transfer of Credit committee.

The psychology department will NOT approve transfer of credit for PSY 32, as this course must be taken at Tufts.

To petition for transfer of credit, students must access the SIS website and complete the transfer of credit request form. The form will request hyperlinks to the required information. If no web-link can be found, or if the course's description is in a foreign language, then a hard copy may be submitted instead (translated into English if necessary). Note: decisions on credit transfer often take up to a month to process.

Transfer of credit requests for a related fields course must go through SIS and must be approved by the department in question.

Note that the Psychology Department can only issue PSY credits in response to a transfer of credit request. An Engineering Psychology major, for example, should not route their transfer of credit request through Psychology as we will not be able to issue those credits.

Tufts University uses the following numbers to designate Psychology courses that have been approved for transfer credit but do not match existing Tufts Psychology course content:

  • PSY 310 (non major credit)
  • PSY 320 (lower level elective credit)
  • PSY 330 (100/200 level elective credit)