Lorgia García Peña

Lorgia García Peña

Eaton Hall
Research/Areas of Interest: Global Blackness, Latinidad, Colonialism, Migration and Diasporas, Dominicanidades.


Through a transnational, multidisciplinary lens, grounded on humanistic approaches to history and literature, García Peña studies blackness, colonialism, migration, and diaspora with a special focus on Black Latinidades. Her work emphasizes social justice, women of color, feminism, and Afro-Latinx episteme. She has a strong commitment to undocumented communities and first-generation students of color.

Dr. García Peña is the Co-Founder of Freedom University Georgia, a school that provides college instruction to undocumented students, and the Co-Director of Archives of Justice, a transnational digital archive project that centers the life of people who identify as Black, queer and migrant.

Dr. García Peña's first book, 'The Borders of Dominicanidad: Race, Nations and Archives of Contradictions' (Duke, Fall 2016), won the 2017 National Women's Studies Association Gloria E. Anzaldúa Book Prize, the 2016 LASA Latino/a Studies Book Award, and the 2016 Isis Duarte Book Prize in Haitian and Dominican Studies.