Fall 2021 - Course Offerings

Please note: Under-enrolled sections (fewer than six students) of language classes (levels 1-22) may be cancelled during the first two weeks of the semester. Texts are subject to change without notice.

Course # Course Title Section, Block, Instructor, Modality
FR-0001 Elementary French I A, A, Staff, In Person
B, F, Rice, In Person
C, G, Bentaous, In Person
D, H, Rice, In Person
E, ARR, Miller, Online
FR-0002 Elementary French II A, D, Staff, In Person
B, E, Pearce, In Person
C, ARR, Miller, Online
FR-0003 Intermediate French I B, D, Miller, Virtual
C, E, Benatous, In Person
D, G, Heitzman, In Person
E, EmwHf, Bentaous, In Person
F, J, Staff, In Person
FR-0004 Intermediate French II
A, D, Staff, Hybrid
B, E, Taieb, Hybrid
C, G, Gillette, In Person
D, N, Staff, In Person
FR-0021 Composition & Conversation I A, A, Heitzman, Hybrid
B, C, Rice, In Person
C, E, Heitzman, In Person
D, G, Taieb, Hybrid
FR-0022 Composition & Conversation II A, R+, Pearce, In Person
B, D+, Pearce, In Person
C, E+, Gillette, In Person
D, I+, Gillette, In Person
FR-0031 Readings in French Literature I A, E+, Gasarian, Virtual
B, F+, Schub, In Person
C, I+, Naginski, In Person
FR-0039 Love and Marriage in Medieval French Literature A, H+, Pollina, Virtual
FR-0121 Advanced French Language for International Relations A, G+, Poncet, In Person
FR-0162 French Romanticism A, J+, Naginski, In Person
FR-0175 French Surrealism A, I+, Gasarian, Virtual
Mothers & Daughters in the Works of 20th and 21st Century French Women Writers A, D+, Schub, In Person

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