Department Honors

The departmental honors program provides the opportunity for especially qualified students in French, Spanish, or in Italian Studies to write a senior honors thesis (of roughly 50 to 75 pages) in close cooperation with a faculty adviser. The project usually bears two course credits, each of which may count toward the major as a 100-level literature course.

Note: No more than two credits combining an Independent Study and an honors thesis may be counted toward the major. Near the end of the Spring term the thesis is defended before a committee of two readers, who determine whether the degree With Highest Thesis Honors, With High Thesis Honors, or With Thesis Honors is to be awarded at Commencement. This distinction is noted on the student's diploma and transcript.

The applicant must have appeared on the Dean's List at least for two semesters prior to the first term of the senior year. Interested students should consult the potential adviser (usually chosen for expertise in the general subject matter of the thesis) and the Chair of the Department toward the end of the junior year. Sophomores planning to spend the junior year abroad should consider enrolling in the departmental honors program upon their return. Since final arrangements must be made in September of the senior year, those studying overseas are advised to correspond with the Chair and with a potential adviser in the Spring semester of their junior year.

Honors Thesis Assistance
Tisch Library offers an 8-week mini-course to assist senior thesis writers with the research process. In Research for Success: Using the Library for Thesis and Capstone Projects (EXP 19), you will learn about the research tools and techniques specific to your subject area, develop a working bibliography of resources, and a plan for continuing your research. Learn more >