Minor in French

Requirements for the French minor consist of 6 courses, as follows:

  1. Five courses in French language, literature and/or culture. Courses for the French minor are FR-0004, FR-00 21, FR-0022, FR-0031 , FR-0032.
  2. One course in French or Francophone language, literature , or culture at the 100-level.

Note: Open to Arts & Sciences students who started in FR-0001, FR-0002, or FR-0003. Students who started at higher levels are encouraged to pursue the major.

Declaring a Minor
Interested students should consult the designated advisor for the minor. The Department will inform the appropriate Dean of successful completion of the minor.

Note: Liberal Arts students may not minor and major in the same discipline; they may not be certified in more than one minor (except when one of the minors is disciplinary and the other is interdisciplinary).