Programs Abroad

Junior Year in Paris, Madrid, or Santiago (Chile)
Through the Tufts-in-Madrid, the Tufts-in-Paris, and the Tufts-in-Chile programs, the Department of Romance Languages offers undergraduate majors an unusual opportunity for study in Spain, France, and Chile. Because these programs are supervised and sponsored by Tufts, students enrolled in them receive letter grades on their transcripts and remain eligible for financial aid from the University.

For further information contact Mala Ghosh, Director of Programs Abroad, in the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education, Dowling Hall, 7th floor.

Tufts Summer Program in Cadiz, Spain
The Department of Romance Studies together with Tufts Summer Programs offers a five-week language and culture immersion program in Cadiz, Spain. Students may advance their language skills by taking two classes in Spanish language, culture and literature for six Tufts credits. To enhance students' experience, the program offers homestay, tutorias, internships and extracurricular activities. Learn more >

Cadiz is a coastal city in southwestern Spain with a rich history going back 3000 years. It boasts one of the best beaches in Spain, a mild climate, great seafood, and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Improve your Spanish and learn about the cultural and intellectual life of the Andalucía region in this beautiful city!

Tufts Summer Program in Pavia, Italy
Tufts Global Education, in cooperation with the School of Engineering and the Program of Italian Studies, has created a 5 ½ week program in Pavia, Italy aimed to provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonderful culture of Italy while earning credits in Data or Computer Science and Italian Language and Culture. This program is designed for all students, from both the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, and regardless from their Major or Minor. Students can take up to 7 SHUs, with one class in either Data or Computer Science, and one class in Italian Language (any level). They will participate in weekly cultural activities and day trips to enhance their cultural experience. Students will also be accompanied by "Italian peers" who will help them navigate the territory, practice their language skills, and experience different aspects and practices of the Italian social life for a deeper cultural immersion. No background in Italian Language or Computer Science is needed. Learn more >

The city of Pavia is located in northern Italy, around 30 km south of Milan (about 30 minutes by train) and is home to an incredible number of artistic and cultural treasures, including several world-renowned churches and museums, like the Certosa of Pavia. This beautiful and culture-filled little town offers numerous opportunities for socialization and fun, with its four theaters and cinemas, twenty-two libraries, nineteen museums, and two cultural centers. Its location makes it the ideal base for trips around Italy as well as Europe, with only one and a half hour flights from cities like London and Paris, and a mere five hour train ride from the gorgeous Sorrento and Amalfi coast in southern Italy. For those interested in sports, the University Sports Centre (CUS) in Pavia offers a wide range of courses, championships and tournaments, while a variety of pools is available throughout the summer.

Tufts University European Center
The Tufts University European Center sponsors a six-week summer study program in Talloires, on the Lac d'Annecy, in the heart of the French Alps. Students enroll for credit in two courses chosen from an array of offerings including French language, literature, and civilization. The courses, taught by members of the Tufts Faculty, draw upon the rich cultural and physical resources of this beautiful region of France.

Classes are held in Le Prieuré (The Priory), which was formerly part of an 11th-century Benedictine monastery. Each student lives and shares meals with a local French family; the residential component of the program adds an important dimension to the students' experience of French daily life and culture. Scholarship assistance is available.

For further information, contact the Office of the Tufts University European Center, 108 Packard Avenue (Office: 617.627.3290).