Undergraduate Programs

Major Requirements

All Sociology majors must complete ten (10) Sociology courses. None of the ten courses may be taken pass-fail, and courses with grades below C- will not be counted. At least six (6) of the courses must be listed or cross-listed by the Tufts University Department of Sociology. Three (3) courses must be the following core courses, at least two (2) of which must be taken in the Tufts University Department of Sociology:

SOC 001 Introduction to Sociology; and

SOC 103 Sociological Theory (Spring only); and

Research Methods Requirement:

To satisfy the research requirement you may take: 

  1. Option 1: SOC 100 Research Design and Interpretation (Fall only) or
  2. Option 2: SOC 101 Quantitative Research Methods AND SOC 102 Qualitative Research Methods 

Read a detailed explanation on the Tufts Department of Sociology Research Methods Requirement.

One (1) of the ten required courses must be a seminar, numbered 180 or above, and designated as a seminar (SEM:) (must be taken in the Sociology Department on the Tufts Medford Campus).

Six (6) of the ten required courses are unrestricted electives (Five [5] if 101 AND 102 are taken as the research requirement), except for students who choose to complete a cluster.

If you have more than one major, please see the Bulletin for rules on double-counting courses.

If you have a minor, no more than two course credits used toward the minor may be used toward foundation, distribution, major, or other minor requirements.