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Declaring a Cluster within Your Major

Majoring in Sociology Using a Cluster Option
Within the Sociology major, students may elect to concentrate their studies in an area of specialization called a Cluster. Although choosing a cluster is not required, students have found that concentrating their elective courses in a more specialized field affords them a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the selected topic.

Students who choose to declare a cluster must select four Sociology electives from one of the following areas of study and complete the courses listed under that cluster heading:

  1. Media, Culture, and Society
  2. Social Inequalities and Social Change
  3. Globalization, Transnationalism, and Immigration
  4. Data Analysis and Interpretation

Students may complete more than one cluster and use courses towards multiple clusters. While the completion of clusters is not noted on student transcripts, Certificates of Completion will be awarded. The Department encourages students to include the cluster completion on their resume as an area of specialization.

To complete the major with a cluster, a Sociology major must fill out the Declaration of Cluster form, available in the Department Office in Eaton Hall 102B, have his or her academic advisor sign the form, and turn it in at the Department office.