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Nick Seaver, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, discusses attention as a cultural phenomenon in a video for Tufts Now [Sept 2019]

Assistant Professor of Biology Benjamin Wolfe explains why our microbiome is important to our health for the Tufts video series Ever Wonder [May 2019]

Keren Ladin, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Community Medicine, was quoted in the FiveThirtyEight article "Our Organ Donation System Is Unfair. The Solution Might Be Too." [April 2019]

Associate Professor of History Alisha Rankin discussed the history of poisons and antidotes on the BBC Radio 4 program When Greeks Flew Kites. [December 2018]

Associate Professor of Philosophy Patrick Forber co-authored a new piece for Aeon, "Punishment isn't about the common good: it's about spite." [November 2018]

Anthropologist Nick Seaver comments on a Pew Research study of how YouTube recommends videos to viewers in The Atlantic article "How YouTube's Algorithm Really Works." [November 2018]

"Gerrymandering v. Geometry" by Associate Professor of Mathematics Moon Duchin is featured in the Nov. 2018 issue of Scientific American [November 2018]

Tatiana Chudakova, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, was awarded the 2018 General Anthropology Division's Prize for Exemplary Cross-Field Scholarship for her article "Plant Matters: Buddhist Medicine and Economies of Attention in Postsocialist Siberia" in the May 2017 issue of American Ethnologist. [August 2018]

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Nick Seaver's course "How to Pay Attention" is featured in The New York Times article "Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It's Not Your Fault: The rise of the new 'attention economy.'" [August 2018]

Associate Professor of Mathematics Moon Duchin was named a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow. [April 2018]