Affiliated Faculty in Arts and Sciences

Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Amahl Bishara Media, journalism, knowledge production, politics of infrastructure Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora
Alex Blanchette Industrial agriculture, animal studies, ethnography of labor Food cluster
Tatiana Chudakova Medical anthropology, science and technology, environment, ethnicity and indigeneity, nationalism  
Zarin Machanda Biological anthropology, chimpanzee behavioral ecology, evolution of social relationships Biology
Sarah Pinto Medical anthropology, gender, mental health, reproduction, cultures of biomedicine, global feminism, history of the body Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Nick Seaver Technology of sound, critical algorithm studies  
Biology / Environmental Studies
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Colin Orians Herbivore-plant interactions, climate change, invasive species Environmental Studies
Ninian Stein Environmental policy, "landscape literacy," environmental justice Anthropology, Environmental Studies
Ben Wolfe Ecology and evolution of microbial communities, microbiology of food Environmental Studies
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas
Gregory Crane Digital humanities
Anne Mahoney Ancient science and mathematics
Joanne Phillips Ancient Greek and Roman medicine
Riccardo Strobino Ancient logical and scientific taxonomy, text transmission
Community Health
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Jennifer Allen Health disparities, community-based participatory approaches  
Keren Ladin Health disparities, health policy, ethics of resource allocation Occupational Therapy
Alecia McGregor Health inequalities, health systems, and the political determinants of health policies  
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Drusilla Brown International trade policy, child labor, sweatshops International Relations
Ujjayant Chakravorty Resource and environmental economics, energy and development, water  
Yannis Ioannides Economic growth and inequality, social interactions and networks  
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Julia Gouvea Models-based reasoning, philosophy of biology Biology
David Hammer Learning and teaching of science, mainly physics; "intuitive epistemologies"  
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas
Ricky Crano New media technologies and critical cultural theory
Jess Keiser Literature of mind, history of science, madness
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Virginia Drachman Medicine and society in the United States  
Kris Manjapra Intellectual history, urban history, digital humanities Studies in Race, Colonialism, and Diaspora
Steven Marrone Medieval spirituality, natural science, magic, and popular belief  
Jeanne Penvenne Sorcery and indigenous knowledge in African history  
Alisha Rankin History of science and medicine, history of the body and sexuality Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Moon Duchin History, philosophy, culture of math and quantification Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
James Murphy Machine learning, algorithms, data science  
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas
Joseph Auner Sound studies, music and digital culture, sampling
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas
Jody Azzouni Ontology, epistemology of the exact sciences
Patrick Forber Confirmation, explanation, and idealization in science, esp. evolutionary biology
Brian Epstein Ontology of social kinds, philosophy of economics
George Smith Philosophy of science, logic
Political Science
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Kelly Greenhill Measurement and quantification in conflict and crime
Nimah Mazaheri
Comparative political economy with a focus on developing countries, oil and mining sectors, and government-business relations
Peter Levine
Civic studies Tisch College, Philosophy, Civic Studies
Jeffrey W. Taliaferro
Cybersecurity and policy, military technological innovation, cyber espionage, cyber-leveraged military operations, and nonproliferation International Relations Program
Hugo Beauchemin Epistemology of physics, "autopsy of measurement"
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Other Affiliations
Daanika Gordon Race and ethnicity; criminology, law, and social control; urban sociology  
Rosemary Taylor Comparative historical study of disease and health policy; epidemics Community Health
Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas
Mary Davis Environmental health, Haitian factories, New England fisheries
Justin Hollander Land use, shrinking cities, intersection between technology and planning
Sheldon Krimsky Science/technology, ethics/values and public policy
Barbara Parmenter Evolution of cities, towns, and metropolitan regions, impacts of urbanization on regional climate change, spatial analysis

Affiliated Faculty outside Arts and Sciences

School of Engineering
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Affiliations
David Gute Public health and engineering, occupational health risks for local immigrants, disease prevention in Ghana Civil and Environmental Engineering, Public Health, Nutrition
Michael Hughes Machine learning, algorithms, data science Computer Science
Daniele Lantagne Water and sanitation interventions in developing countries and emergency contexts Civil and Environmental Engineering
William C. Messner Automatic control systems, robotics, biological systems and instrumentation, user-friendly methods for controller design Mechanical Engineering
Matthias Scheutz Evolution of affect and communication, computation, mind, and language Computer Science
School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Affiliations
Kurt Ralske Virtual reality Digital Media, Film and Video, Sound, Virtual Reality
Anthony Romero Performance art, historical narrative, social transformation Performance, Photography, Sound
Jeannie Simms Technologies of photography Photography
Floor van de Velde Art and technology Film and Video, Installation, Sculpture, Sound
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty STS-Related Research Areas Affiliations
Allen Rutberg Urban wildlife conflict, population and fertility control for wildlife Biomedical Sciences, Center for Animals and Public Policy