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Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Course Offerings

Summer 2021

UEP classes noted as 'Hybrid' will include in-person instruction and will also be accessible to virtual learners as needed. Courses may convene synchronously (at the scheduled time), asynchronously (not at the same time), or a combination of both. Accommodations will be made for students unable to participate in the scheduled sessions. If you have any questions about how a specific course will be conducted, please contact the instructor.

Course Course Title and Modality Instructor
UEP 0191-B  Philanthropy & Fundraising - Virtual Silberman
UEP 0194-AA  Sustainability & the Food Industry - Hybrid Guillemin
UEP 0194-AB  Cities & Urban Design - Virtual Cousineau
UEP 0230-B  Negotiation - Virtual Donigian
UEP 0232  Intro to GIS - Virtual Srinivasan
UEP 0254-B Quantitative Reasoning - Virtual Walker
UEP 0294-B  Climate Justice - Virtual Cahn