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Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Course Offerings

Spring 2022

All classes are "in-person" unless otherwise specified. UEP classes noted as 'Hybrid' will include in-person instruction and will also be accessible to virtual learners as needed. Courses may convene synchronously (at the scheduled time), asynchronously (not at the same time), or a combination of both. Accommodations will be made for students unable to participate in the scheduled sessions. If you have any questions about how a specific course will be conducted, please contact the instructor.

Course Course Title and Modality Instructor
Required Core
UEP 0251-01 Economics for Planning and Policy Analysis - Virtual (Synchronous) Roach
UEP 0251-02 Economics for Planning and Policy Analysis - Virtual (Synchronous) Roach
UEP 0255-01 Field Projects: Planning and Practice Cousineau, Hollander, Loh, Hewitt
UEP 0289-01 Integrative Seminar (1 Credit) Terrell
Electives in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
UEP 0173-01 Transportation Planning Jiang
UEP 0194-01 Urban Design and the Changing Suburbs Cousineau
UEP 0194-02 GMO's and Sustainable Agriculture - Virtual (Synchronous) Krimsky
UEP 0194-03 Real Estate Development and Planning Hollander
UEP 0201-01/0101-01/ENV 0188-01 Land Use Planning II Witten
UEP 0206-01 Planning for Low Impact Development Horsley
UEP/CEE 0207-01/ENV 0187-01 Environmental Law Phillips
UEP 0221-01 Climate Change Policy and Planning - Virtual (Synchronous) Cahn
UEP 0232-01 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Barberopoulou
UEP 0235-01/GIS 0102-01 Advanced GIS Srinivasan, Barberopoulou
UEP 0235-02/GIS 0102-02 Advanced GIS Srinivasan, Barberopoulou
UEP 0236-01 Spatial Statistics Srinivasan
UEP 0238-01 Data Science for Urban Sustainability Jiang
UEP 0239-01 Geospatial Programming with Python Barberopoulou
UEP 0240-01 U.S. Social Welfare Policy Staff
UEP 0253-01 Financial Analysis and Management Orlinoff
UEP/DLS 0256-01 Program Evaluation Casey
UEP 0265-01 Corporate Management of Environmental Issues Staff
UEP 0267-01 Sustainability Metrics and Decision Tools Hewitt
UEP 0275-01/DLS 0242-01 Policy Implementation and Innovation Goldman
UEP 0293-01 Digital Design Skills for Urban Planners (1 Credit) Creagh
UEP 0294-05 Planning for Bicycles and Pedestrians Chase
UEP 0294-07 Teaching Democracy Louie
UEP 0294-09 Local Government Finance Witten
UEP 0294-24 Housing and Inequality Shamsuddin
UEP 0294-28 Qualitative GIS Shakespeare
UEP 0294-31/CEE 0293-01 Advanced Remote Sensing Koch
UEP 0294-LAB/CEE 0293-LA Advanced Remote Sensing Lab Koch
UEP 0294-32 Community Resilience in the Age of Anthropocene Davies
UEP 0294-33 Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities Agyeman, Loh
Directed Studies
UEP 0292-01 Directed Studies - N/A Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0295-01 Thesis Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0296-01 Thesis Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0297-01 Capstone Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0298-01 Internship (M.S. Sustainability) Davies
UEP 0299-01 Internship Cousineau, Goldman
Master's Degree Continuation
UEP 0401-PT Part-time master's degree continuation - N/A  
UEP 0402-FT Full-time master's degree continuation - N/A  
Undergraduate Courses
GIS 0101-01/ENV 0107-01 Intro to GIS Staff
GIS 0102-01/UEP 0235-01 Advanced GIS Srinivasan, Barberopoulou
GIS 0102-02/UEP 0235-02 Advanced GIS Srinivasan, Barberopoulou
UEP 0181-01/CSHD 0186-01/CVS 0161-01/SOC 0094-14 Homelessness in America Goldman
UEP 0195-01 Urban Studies Capstone Shakespeare