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Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

Course Offerings

Fall 2020

Course Course Title Instructor
Required Core
UEP 0250-01 Foundations of Public Policy & Planning Goldman/TBD
UEP 0252-01 Cities in Space, Place & Time Witten/Shakespeare
UEP 0254-01 Quantitative Reasoning for Policy & Planning Shamsuddin
UEP 0254-02 Quantitative Reasoning for Policy & Planning Walker
UEP 0288-01 Reflections on Public Policy Practice (2 Credits) Loh
UEP 0293-LA Quant Lab Shamsuddin
UEP 0293-LB Quant Lab Shamsuddin
UEP 0293-10 Socio-Ecological Systems Thinking for Sustainability (Required core course for M.S. Sustainability 3 Credits) Rappaport/Kemp-Benedict
Electives in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning
UEP 0113/0213-01 Housing Policy Greenstein
UEP 0173-01 Transportation Planning Chase
UEP 0194-02 The Gap Between Law & Justice Spears
UEP/ENV 0200-01 Land Use Planning Witten
UEP 223-01/NUTR 215 Fundamentals of U.S. Agriculture Blackstone
UEP 0224-01 Public Health & the Built Environment (Online) Walker
UEP 0225-01 Community Engagement (Online) Cousineau
UEP 0231-01 Interactive Web Mapping Staff
UEP/CE/ENV 0265-01 Corporate Management of Environmental Issues Rappaport
UEP 0271-01 Community Economic Development Barringer
UEP 0279-01 Water Resources Policy & Planning & Watershed Management Horsley
UEP/NUTR 0285-01 Food Justice: Critical Approaches in Policy and Planning Agyeman
UEP 0286-01/PHIL 0191-06 Environmental Ethics Krimsky
Electives in Nonprofit Management and Professional Skills
UEP 0130-01 Negotiation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution (undergraduates only) Staff
UEP 0232-01 Introduction to Geographic Information Science Srinivasan
UEP 0235-01 Advanced GIS Srinivasan
UEP 0256-01/CD 0247-01 Program Evaluation Contreras
UEP 0264-01 Green Urban Design Cousineau
UEP 0276-01 Leadership & Organizational Development Goldman
Special Topics: Modules
UEP 0293-04 Designing a Thesis (2 credits) Krimsky
UEP 0293-05 Legal Marijuana (2 credits) Witten
UEP 0293-11 Digital Design Skills for Urban Planners (1 credit) Creagh
UEP 293-14 Energy Policy: The Transition to Zero Carbon Staff
Directed Studies
UEP 0292-01 Directed Studies Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0295-01 Thesis Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0296-01 Thesis Sign up under faculty member's name
UEP 0297-01 Capstone Sign up under faculty member's name
Urban Studies Minor
UEP 0195-01 Urban Studies Capstone UEP Faculty
Master's Degree Continuation
UEP 0401-PT Part-time master's degree continuation  
UEP 0402-FT Full-time master's degree continuation  
UEP 0298 Internship (M.S. Sustainability)  
UEP 0299 Internship