Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty

Mary E. Davis, Department Chair, Associate Professor
Environmental health, economic analysis
Julian Agyeman, Professor
Sustainability policy and planning, environmental and food justice, intercultural cities
Laurie Goldman, Senior Lecturer
Social welfare and housing policy, policy implementation, public and nonprofit management
Justin Hollander, Professor
Land use planning, urban redevelopment, urban design, Big Data, shrinking cities
Lorlene Hoyt, Research Professor; Executive Director, Talloires Network
International university civic engagement, community economic development
Shan Jiang, Assistant Professor
Big data analytics, spatial data science, urban mobility, urban science
Sheldon Krimsky, Lenore Stern Professor in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Environmental policy and ethics
Penn Loh, Senior Lecturer and Director of the Master of Public Policy Program and Community Practice
Environmental justice, solidarity and new economy, community organizing
Barbara M. Parmenter, Senior Lecturer and Student Affairs Coordinator
Geographic information systems
Ann Rappaport, Senior Lecturer
Environmental management and policy
Rebecca Shakespeare, Lecturer
Geographic information systems, urban geography, housing, critical GIS
Shomon Shamsuddin, Assistant Professor
Social policy, community development
Kristin Skrabut, Assistant Professor
Urban anthropology and ethnography, global poverty and development, housing and infrastructure
Sumeeta Srinivasan, Lecturer
Spatial models and geographic information systems
Jon Witten, Senior Lecturer
Land use planning, local government law, natural resources policy