Faculty & Staff

Part-Time Faculty

Peg Barringer, Lecturer
Economic development
Tom Bertulis, Lecturer
Civil engineering, urban planning, and sustainable transportation
Patricia Bonner-Duval, Lecturer
Robert Burdick, Lecturer
Negotiation and conflict resolution
Mark Chase, Lecturer
Transportation planning, entrepreneurship and advocacy
Charlie Creagh, Lecturer
Transportation planning and sustainability
Christine Cousineau, Lecturer
Urban planning and design, planning history
Beth Lundell Garver, Lecturer
Urban design
Rosalind Greenstein, Lecturer
Housing policy
Robert Guillemin, Lecturer
Sustainable Food Practices
Megan Herzog, Lecturer
Environmental law
Scott Horsley, Lecturer
Land use planning, water resources policy
Russ Lopez, Lecturer
Urban environmental health
May Louie, Lecturer
Progressive and Community Organizing, Comprehensive Community Building
Alicia Doyle Lynch, Lecturer
Statistics, methodology
David Orlinoff, Lecturer
Financial analysis and management for nonprofit organizations
Liat Racin, Lecturer
Social policy, ecology, public spaces, and justices
Sonja Spears, Lecturer
Racial Justice and Equity
Grace Talusan, Lecturer
Fiction Writing, Narrative Nonfiction, Expository Writing, Asian American Studies
Erica Walker, Lecturer