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Alumni in Action 2011

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Ina Anderson '10 publishes article in Shelterforce
December 29, 2011
Ina Anderson '10, now Partnerships Director of the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance, has published an article in Shelterforce, along with colleague André Leroux. Shelterforce is a journal of the National Housing Institute, about affordable housing and community building. The article addresses how smart growth is viewed and implemented in several different neighborhoods around Boston. Read the article >

Courtney Knapp '08 pursues PhD at Cornell
October 24, 2011
Courtney Knapp '08 is a second year PhD student in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Her research interests range from discovering ways to link various value-capture community development tools to large-scale urban redevelopment projects, to the relationship between planning and culture—specifically, the connection between place, memory, security, and belonging—and how these forces form and are informed by particular urban spatial, material, and socio-cultural configurations over time.

Her dissertation project attempts to conceptualize 'diasporic placemaking'—the set of processes through which diasporic citizens claim spaces of material security and cultural belonging within their urban social and physical environments—through an action-oriented, mixed-method comparative case study of urban development and placemaking in downtown Chattanooga and Memphis.

More specifically, her project will use a combination of archival work, narrative interviews, and cognitive mapping to ask questions about how "multiple and overlapping diasporas" unfold across these two cities' urban social and material landscapes; how various local placemakers manage this unfolding and develop policies and programs to either support or suppress these cultural communities over time; and the extent to which these efforts create and sustain spaces of cultural belonging and material security for historically marginalized residents.
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UEP Alum to Direct MA Office of Coastal Zone Management
August 29, 2011
UEP alum Bruce Carlisle ('94) was appointed as Director of EEA’s Office of Coastal Zone Management in July 2011. Providing oversight and administration of the agency since 2005, Bruce has managed policy development, planning efforts, and technical approaches for program areas including ocean planning, shoreline and floodplain management, habitat restoration, ports and harbors planning, water quality, seafloor and tidal habitat mapping, and GIS/data management. Bruce also supervises CZM regulatory review of coastal and ocean projects ranging from local waterfront development and dredging projects to offshore wind turbines and LNG facilities. Formerly, he served nearly three years as the manager for the state's Wetlands Restoration Program. An avid saltwater fly fisherman, Bruce lives in Sudbury with his wife and two children.

Holly St Clair '00 recognized as Leading Thinker in Urban Planning and Technology
May 3, 2011
Planetizen has recognized UEP Alum Holly St Clair '00, who is Data Services Director, Metropolitan Area Planning Council, as one of 25 Leading Thinkers in Urban Planning and Technology. As the Director of Data Services at MAPC, Ms. St. Clair oversees the agency's activities in the fields of data management, data analysis, research, and public access to data. She has pioneered the use of advanced decision support tools in Metropolitan Boston, managing a variety of projects that use scenarios modeling, 3-D environments, community indicators, and innovative meeting formats to engage stakeholders in dialogue about policy choices. Ms. St. Clair is also the quiet heavy lifter behind the process and structure of Boston's MetroFuture Initiative, and has been pivotal in the creation of the Boston Data Commons, a data portal and interactive web mapper that puts hundreds of data layers at the fingertips of residents, public officials. Ms. St. Clair is collaborating with Dr. Eric Gordon to begin creating a planning-based gaming platform to help residents become more involved in community planning.