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Penn Loh publishes article on Race and the New Economy
October 22, 2013
Last week, Penn Loh published on the Practical Visionaries blog an article on race and the New Economy, "What is the Color of the New Economy? And Why it Matters." The article was also featured on the New Economy Week blog.

Justin Hollander Awarded Abell Foundation Grant
October 7, 2013
UEP Associate Professor Justin Hollander received a grant for $50,000 from the Abell Foundation on a project in partnership with the City of Baltimore and researchers at UMass Boston to study decision-making around the reuse of vacant and abandoned properties.

The project is developing novel adaptations of management science and planning principles to support the development of strategies to build local pro-environmental amenities on the sites of vacant and abandoned parcels, as well as holding select properties for future development. By focusing on effective and efficient non-residential re-use of certain abandoned, vacant or underused properties in Baltimore, researchers expect to improve social, economic and public health indicators in the city. UEP graduate students Eliza Whiteman, Albert Engel, Jingyu Tu, and Kristine Keeney are working on the project with Prof. Hollander and Prof. Michael Johnson of UMass Boston.

Introducing just sustainabilities: A new book from Professor Julian Agyeman
April 29, 2013
Professor Agyeman's new book is called Introducing just sustainabilities: Policy, planning and practice. This unique and insightful text offers an exploration of the origins and subsequent development of the concept of "just sustainability." Introducing Just Sustainabilities discusses key topics such as food justice, sovereignty and urban agriculture; community, space, place(making) and spatial justice; the democratization of our streets and public spaces; how to create culturally inclusive spaces; intercultural cities and social inclusion; "green collar jobs" and the just transition as well as alternative economic models such as co-production. With a specific focus on solutions-oriented policy and planning initiatives that specifically address issues of equity and justice within the context of developing sustainable communities, this is the essential introduction to just sustainabilities.