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Congratulations to Prof. Justin Hollander on his new book, Cognitive Architecture
December 12, 2014
Professor Hollander's latest book, Cognitive Architecture: Designing for How We Respond to the Built Environment came out recently. The book aims to help planners, architects, designers and community leaders think about human subconscious behavior as they shape the built environment. The book suggests four principles for understanding our hidden proclivities; Edges Matter; Patterns Matter; Shapes Carry Weight; and Narrative is Key. For those of you in the Greater Boston area, you are invited to join his co-author, Ann Sussman, and him for a celebration of the launch of the book at the Harvard COOP on Wednesday, February 25th, 5PM-6:30PM. He was also quoted in a NPR piece regarding how architecture influences how people interact in cities.

Penn Loh publishes article on community land trusts in YES! Magazine
December 9, 2014
YES! Magazine recently published "Urban Farming, One Vacant Lot at a Time" in it’s Winter 2015 Issue. The article focuses on how community land trusts are a form of democratic ownership of land that is helping to promote affordable housing and urban farming. To download the full PDF or read the text, go to the Practical Visionaries blog.

UEP Prof. Sheldon Krimsky interviewed in Tufts Now, Questioning GMO's
November 12, 2014
Tufts Now recently published an article interviewing UEP professor Sheldon Krimsky regarding his new book The GMO Deception. The article "Questioning GMO's," explains how the recent rise of GMOs has potential risks and more research is needed into the long term possible hazards of this food supply.

Penn Loh Publishes Article on Emerging Food Economy in Boston
November 9, 2014
YES Magazine recently published an article written by UEP faculty member, Penn Loh. The article "Land, Co-ops, Compost: A Local Food Economy Emerges in Boston's Poorest Neighborhoods" describes new enterprises that form part of an emergent, integrated food network in the City of Boston.

Professor Justin Hollander quoted in Next City Article about Social Media Influencing Cities
October 21, 2014
Professor Hollander examines how studying "big data" can inform planning and policy. He and his colleagues have begun developing models to analyze Twitter posts for key words and sentiments, in an effort to harness "the free-flowing ideas and thoughts that people express on social media." Learn more >

Prof. Goldman reports on recent labor victories
October 5, 2014
In a post for Rooflines, a blog published by the National Housing Institute, Professor Laurie Goldman reflects on lessons learned from recent labor victories won by Hyatt Hotel Corporation housekeepers and employees of the Market Basket family-owned grocery store chain. As stated by Prof. Goldman:

"These two labor victories are remarkable not only because they demonstrate the power of collective bargaining even without union support, they also illustrate the power of collective purchasing power: the thousands of consumers who boycotted Market Basket and targeted Hyatt hotels used their suitcases and shopping carts to promote workers' rights."
Learn more >

Professor Agyeman has Sharing Cities article published in TIME Magazine
August 30, 2014
Looking at mayors and developers putting technology ahead of people, Professor Agyeman examines how the result leads to inequality and undermines the public involvement. The article focuses on how real "smart cities will be those that deploy modern technology in building a new urban commons to support communal sharing."

Professor Wu featured on Public Radio International
August 4, 2014
In a Wisconsin Public Radio program, Professor Wu speaks about how migrants negotiate urban life in China's largest city – Shanghai. This is part of an hour-long show on urban cultures, produced by To the Best of Our Knowledge. The show will air around the country during the week of September 1-7.

Professor Agyeman publishes new book - 'Incomplete Streets: Processes, practices, and possibilities'
August 26, 2014
Professor Agyeman's new book 'Incomplete Streets: Processes, practices, and possibilities' investigates the 'Complete Streets' concept and movement in urban planning and policy which has been hailed by many as a revolution that aims to challenge the auto-normative paradigm by reversing the broader effects of an urban form shaped by the logic of keeping automobiles moving. By enabling safe access for all users, Complete Streets promise to make cities more walkable and livable and at the same time more sustainable.

His book problematizes the Complete Streets concept by suggesting that streets should not be thought of as merely physical spaces, but as symbolic and social spaces. When important social and symbolic narratives are missing from the discourse and practice of Complete Streets, what actually results are incomplete streets. The volume questions whether the ways in which complete streets narratives, policies, plans and efforts are envisioned and implemented might be systematically reproducing many of the urban spatial and social inequalities and injustices that have characterized cities for the last century or more. From critiques of a "mobility bias" rooted in the neoliberal foundations of the Complete Streets concept, to concerns about resulting environmental gentrification, the chapters in Incomplete Streets variously call for planning processes that give voice to the historically marginalized and, more broadly, that approach streets as dynamic, fluid and public social places.

Professor Rachel Bratt article published in Housing Policy Debate
June 25, 2014
Professor Rachel Bratt, along with UEP alum Abi Vladeck have had their article, "Addressing Restrictive Zoning for Affordable Housing: Experiences in Four States," published in Housing Policy Debate. Congratulations!
Learn more >

Penn Loh's article, "What’s the Role of Race in the New Economy Movement?" published in Yes! Magazine On line
June 11, 2014
Penn Loh's article on race and the new economy was published yesterday by Yes! Magazine online. Read more >

The Boston Globe covers Professor James Jennings' new report
March 19, 2014
Congratulations to Professor James Jennings for the 5/11/14 Boston Globe coverage of his new report on Black and Latino youth, "Social, Demographic, and Economic Profile of Young Black and Latino Males - Boston, Massachusetts 2010 - 2018." Read the article.

Chinese Edition of Principles of Brownfield Regeneration, co-authored by Justin Hollander, Published
March 2, 2014
Principles of Brownfield Regeneration: Cleanup, Design, and Reuse of Derelict Land by UEP Associate Professor Justin Hollander, with co-authors Niall Kirkwood, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology, and Julia Gold (UEP Alum) was published this February by the China Architecture & Building Press Inc of Beijing. The Daega Press, Seoul with translation by Professor Sim Woo-kyung of Korea University, previously published a Korean edition. Principles was originally published in North America by Island Press, Washington DC in 2010.