Master of Arts (M.A.) in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

M.A. and M.S. Public Information

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- Master of Arts (M.A.) in UEP
The Planning Accreditation Board requires this information be posted for the Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning program at Tufts University.
(All information pertains to both the Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning and Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Planning.)

Student Achievement
All UEP M.A. and M.S. students gain experience and develop knowledge in the planning and policy fields through a team project for a community or public organization, an internship, and an independent thesis or capstone exam. Examples of recent field projects and thesis/capstone exam titles convey the range of these experiences.

For additional examples of student and alumni achievements, see the UEP "Practical Visionaries" blog.

A 2016 survey of recent alumni (2-5 years post-graduation) revealed high rates of satisfaction with how the UEP M.A. program prepares students for careers in policy and planning:
Understanding the social, environmental, and urban problems they seek to address 88.9%
Learning about the kinds of policy and planning solutions they seek to advance 73.7%
Making meaningful contributions to social or environmental justice efforts 72.7%
Survey respondents are highly satisfied with their current employment in the policy and planning field 75%
2018-19 Tuition and Fees
In State Residents, per full-time academic year $36,988
Out of State Residents, per full-time academic year N/A
Student Retention Rate Percent
Percentage of students who began studies in fall 2016 and continued into fall 2017 91.9%
Student Graduation Rate Percent
Percentage of students graduating within 4 years, entering class of 2013 78.4%
Number of Degrees Awarded
Number of degrees awarded for the 2016 - 2017 Academic Year 36
AICP Certification Percent
Percentage of master's graduates taking the AICP exam within 5 years who pass, graduating class of 2012 15.2%
Percentage taking the AICP exam who passed, among graduates in 2012 100%
Employment Percent
Percentage of fulltime graduates obtaining professional planning, planning-related or other positions within 12 months of graduation, graduating class of 2016. 83%