Certificate Programs

In addition to our master's programs, we offer two certificate programs in community sustainability and we co-sponsor a third in Program Evaluation. The certificates in Management of Community Organizations and Community Environmental Studies emphasize participatory strategies for community self-determination and sustainability. These flexible programs enable working adults to gain the vital management, community development, evaluation and/or environmental skills necessary to enhance existing careers or move into new professional work. Contact for additional information.

Community Environmental Studies

This program is designed for citizen advocates promoting sustainable communities, environmental specialists in companies who interact with community leaders, and public agency personnel who have local responsibilities. The certificate in Community Environmental Studies provides professional training for careers in today's rapidly growing and changing environmental and sustainable development fields. The program offers a rich and varied selection of environmental courses in planning, policy, economics, sustainable development, engineering, and science complemented by courses in negotiation, law, and nonprofit management. Learn more >

Management of Community Organizations

Many people who work in community organizations are "accidental managers"—they started organizing or providing a direct service because of their deep commitment to an issue, and several years later they face the challenge of administering growing, complex organizations.

The certificate in Management of Community Organizations offers professional management training within the framework of the social, economic, and political values that shape the nonprofit sector. The program's goal is to train people with a commitment to social concerns and effective management who wish to work at the community level. Participants share a commitment to working to improve the housing, employment, health, and the overall quality of life for low-income groups and communities. Learn more >

Program Evaluation

The certificate in Program Evaluation is offered in collaboration with the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development, the School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and the School of Medicine. To earn a certificate, students successfully complete four courses for credit.

Private funders and public agencies are increasingly demanding evaluation as a requirement for funding. Individuals with evaluation training are needed to assist programs, sponsoring agencies, and funders in planning and carrying out evaluations to address their needs for information and analysis. The certificate in Program Evaluation is designed for mid-career professionals who wish to learn about the design and implementation of effective evaluation strategies. Students learn practical skills that can be put to use in the evaluation of a wide range of social service, public health, community development, and environmental programs. In addition to a bachelor's degree applicants are expected to have 3-5 years of professional experience in a particular field.

Courses for the certificate programs are drawn from the curriculum of the respective master's programs. It is possible to complete a certificate program in as little as one year or to extend it over several years. The certificate programs are open to students with a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. Learn more >

For an application and more information on the certificate programs, contact:
Office of Graduate Admissions
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