Interdisciplinary and Dual Degree Programs

UEP/Boston College's Carroll School of Management Dual Degree

Designed for students who want to develop leadership and management skills to implement policy and planning initiatives, and those interested in social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Students receive two degrees — a Master of Arts and a Master of Business Administration (M.A./M.B.A.). The dual degree recognizes that the fields of planning, policy and management are linked, but the value of the nexus increases with a complex global economy and growing world population. Planning, policy and management disciplines have embedded in them broad debates and critical thinking about the environment, human settlements, social and environmental justice, corporate responsibility, sustainable communities and land use, each guided by core values, accountability and professional practice. The values-driven nature of both programs means that in scholarship and practice, faculty and students in the dual program actively negotiate the evolving relationship between business and civil society.

The M.A./M.B.A. program offered through collaboration between UEP and Boston College's Carroll School of Management (CSOM), and is unique, offering students the opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of two nationally recognized schools.

Interested students must submit separate applications to each school indicating a preference for the dual degree. Each school reviews candidates based on its own requirements and criteria. The candidate's admission to UEP is not affected by the decision of the Carroll School of Management. Tuition and fees will be assessed and paid to each school based on the semester of enrollment. For detailed information on requirements for the M.B.A., please see the Carroll School of Management.

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