Interdisciplinary and Dual Degree Programs

UEP/Engineering Joint/Dual Degree

Students may pursue either a joint degree or a dual-degree program with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in the School of Engineering. Both programs respond to the need for environmental professionals who are skilled in both an engineering or public health, and policy perspective in the analysis, planning, and implementation of environmental activities. The programs combine policy analysis skills with training in various civil engineering sub- disciplines. Students in the joint-degree program receive an M.S. degree, while the dual-degree program awards both an M.A. and an M.S. degree. The joint degree requires 12 course credits, an internship plus a thesis, while the dual degree requires 17 course credits, an internship plus a thesis and can be completed in five semesters.

The following programs within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering may be joined with the UEP degree:
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Students must be accepted into both departments in order to enter the joint degree program in UEP/Engineering Joint/Dual Degree. To facilitate the admissions process, however, a single application can be submitted on the Tufts' online application system by choosing the "UEP/Engineering Joint/Dual Degree" program. The application will then be reviewed concurrently by each department according to its own review criteria. The candidate's admission to UEP is not affected by the decision of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.